Monday, November 18, 2013

Our little cupcake's new milestones !

Coming end of Nov, you are turning 4 months old ! Still as smiley and squeaks in satisfaction after your milk feed when mummy talked to you. Full of expressions and loves to give funny faces at times !

For morning naps, after about 1.5 hours of wake time (milk feed + play), you will want to take your nap. Sometimes, mummy realised that you do not need me at all or rather, you prefer to sleep on your own (most of the time tummy down) than having mummy to carry you.

For bedtime, your tend to be feeling more insecure. You would prefer mummy to be there. At times, Daddy had tried putting you to bed but you simply refused and continued to cry. The thing that amazed me was the very moment mummy laid down beside you, held onto your tiny hand, you knew that it was me and within a minute or less, you just fell asleep.

You have totally rejected bottles two weeks after Meijie went back. We have tried giving you different kind of teats, trying so hard to find out which you would prefer. But you totally said no to all and wants only a special brand - Mummy Serene's Brand !

Just biting onto the teat and giving us your playful smile

Daddy had even bought the most expensive milk bottle - Comotomo among all that you have. You started off with Avent perfectly fine. But you has chose to be persistant, rejecting Pigeon and NUK as well. Mummy's biggest concern is your weight and your tiny frame. You were underweight when I brought you for your jab at your third month. The doctor could not even prescribed you with any paracetamol. You were feverish the next day, all I could do was to rub peppermint oil under your feet. It was under control and thankfully, after two days, your fever was gone !

One of the must have in the home's first aid kit.

You love to suck your fists & PLUCK your hair !!! The middle part of your head by the sides were almost bald and we have decided to bring you for a shave once you turn four months old.

@ 3 months old

You love the Alphabet Song and the picture below showed how you laughed and smiled as we sang along, clapping with your fists !

You chuckled during our mini dialogue sessions as you fixed your eyes on me, kicking your legs vigorously!

Your little eyes started to follow objects. Mummy will use a rattle and shake above you, training you to be focus and follow the sound of the rattle and yes, you could do it.  

We started our mini reading session. It's never too young to be introduced to books. Mummy bought some Black and white books for you to kick start with.

At your 106 days old, you hit a new milestone, by lifting up your head high and strong ! And you gave me another surprise the next day when I had you tummy down when you were sleeping, fifteen minutes later when I went in to check on you, you had wriggled your way up to the top of the bed and you had managed to flip over by yourself and slept on your back !

Pumping position down !

Tummy time has became more fun for you !

In two more weeks, you be four months old ! Keep on smiling !

With love from Daddy, Mummy and Gor-gor !

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