Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Felties Ocean - Activity for "School Out" Day 1

The start of the school holidays is always a headache to me when I was still working. All the aimless playing and sticking with the helper for the whole day until I knock off, always depressed me and made me wish silently that if only I can stay home to be with Xav.

Well, sort of my wish was fulfilled this time round as I'm still on maternity leave. But it does seem challenging to me as well because now I have another baby to take care of. Hence, time spent with Xav is also limit to how much free time I have remained after doing all the chores, preparing meals, washing up after meals plus the preparation of activities for Xav.

Anyway, here I am with this piece of pretty felt which I bought from a flea market. My intention was to cut it up for an Ocean learning theme and to sew these felts on plain shirts or rompers as appliques thereafter.

I kept the cover for my sofa when we discarded the sofa away as it was still pretty new. I used the black cover as the "sea" for marine felts.

For younger kids, they can use the felt to design an ocean world of their own.

Or tape a paperclip behind the cut out with a stripe of washi tape and there we are ready for a fishing game !

Look mummy ! I caught a whale !

If you do not have these felts, cut out fishes from print out is another alternative to make your own set of fishing game ! Simple theory of magnetic force can be taught as well !

Do share what activities do you play with your child at home during this school holiday.

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