Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree ! Activity for "SCHOOL OUT" Day 5

Xav has been bugging me to make a Christmas tree out of his Hama Beads. I was thinking that I do not have that template, why not let's make something else out of the foam !

He got a rare chance to use my die cutting machine. We cut some greens and reds and a single yellow star to top the tree !

I will normally utilise the empty wall spaces around the house.. I have a calendar chart on one side of the wall and the opposite sits his hot wheels hot tracks ! We found an empty area just outside his bedroom to stick and form the mini Christmas tree. Using some washi tapes, I cut and rolled them into a "double sided" tape and sticked on the stars.

We used some Woodgraine washi tape to complete the Christmas Tree ! Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas Tree, of all the trees most lovely !

I intended to print some photos of each individual in the family, cut out and stick onto the stars. This way, it doubles up as a family tree too isn't !

All you need is :
1. Red and green foams
2. Star shape cookie cutter if you do not have a die cutting machine. (Just press the cookie cutter on the foam and cut along the shape !

Happy crafting !  

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