Friday, November 22, 2013

Explore ! Activity for "School Out" Day 4

Day 4 of "SCHOOL OUT" and where did we land up at ? The kids friendly - EAT.PLAY.LOVE Café which I went before a few times (My previous post here).

What a rare occasion to come out with two of my besties and their kids for a lunch & craft session before we head on to explore the vicinity of Arab Street.

Kids are just simply so easy to satisfy ! He made some star themed craft and made a bracelet for me. Thanks Esther for the shots !

Photo Source : Esther

After the crafting session, we took a walk around the vicinity. The first shop we stumbled upon was "Rich & Good Cake shop which specializes in their cottony, soft, Swiss rolls !

By the time we placed our orders, they were only left with Blueberries and Chocolate flavour. Seems like Kaya and Durian flavours are their top selling from what I gathered from my facebook page.

Then, we found a stall located directly opposite the rear of the Sultan Mosque that sells these traditional games played in the 80's like Kuti Kuti, Chapteh, Spinning Tops, Goli (marbles), Old Maid Cards Pack, Blow up Paper Ball, Blowing Balloon, Pickup Sticks etc ...... Further down after a left turn, there is a shop that also sell the same things but with more variety.

Games from the 80's
I bought a box of the Blowing Balloon that I played during my childhood minus the Goli for some fun !

Our buys for the day !

Abubble like balloon that doesn't burst!
Simple happiness by just keeping the balloon in the air !

Happiest !

We will be back again ... for the Swiss Rolls !!

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