Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Your Kid's First Milestones Contest - Raffles Medical Group

Join Raffles Medical Group Facebook Contest as they celebrate your Children's first milestones !

Simply submit a short video clip (not more than 2 mins) or a picture of your baby / child first milestones. It could be their first steps, first tooth, first haircut or first paddle ... Daddies and Mummies who are always equipped with your mobile phone or camera, this is a good opportunity to send in those precious moments captured and stand a chance to win shopping vouchers !

3 easy steps to participate :

#1 Take a picture or video of your baby/child.
#2 Submit the picture and hashtag to #RHkidsfirst under the Tag field
     OR email your picture to :
#3 Get your friends to LIKE the entry and the entry with the most number of  "LIKES" Wins !

For our readers, the first 100 submissions are entitled to a discount of 25% off regular-priced Raffles Health Kidds supplements retailed at Raffles Hospital Retail Outlet. The supplements are suitable for kids aged 4 and above or as long as the kids can chew well. Do enter this Code : KFRH15922 under the field "tag" as well.

Closing date for the contest is on 6th November 2013. Join Now !!  

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