Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's sticking on my ...... Fridge

This is one of the most important must have in the household, a refrigerator. Apart from storage purposes, let's zoom into what's sticking on my messy fridge wall !

#1 Magnets Collection - Whenever we go on a trip to a destination we have not been to before, we will buy one or two back as a momento.

#2 Photos of friends or babies - I will normally "stick" the pics from wedding favours or baby showers on the fridge.

Magnets collection
#3 Key Holder - For unknown reason, I always cannot locate my keys when I need them. Hence, I bought this beautiful key holder which doubles up as a card holder to hold my keys. This way, no more missing keys !

Key holder
#4 Vouchers !  In the course of our busy schedules, we tend to overlook the expiry dates of the shopping or dining vouchers. You will only remember when you see them physically, else they be sandwiched in "I don't know" which folder, in the tray and there goes. You won't even know if it has expired for months !

#5 Timer - A must have in the kitchen. Thus, the fridge is the best place to "stick" it.

Must have Timer !
#6 Handy Recipes - For some recipes, I prefer to have them in the kitchen rather than flipping through my folder. Here's one for you to prepare your own kidney cleanser should you need to detox.

#7 Invoices - Tingkat invoices will be sticked onto the fridge as well to remind me of when the tingkat will be ending and yes I need the number to call them incase, they give me only the dishes but forgot about the rice !

#8 Learning Chart - Oh well, home schooling or home learning mums, you will tend to utilise every corner or space in the house to put up charts, No ? Since important items needs to be out of reach for the kids, all will be sticked on the top while learning chart can be at the bottom. Sometimes, I will find Xav sitting here reading the chart while I am busy in the kitchen.

Tables chart
Here's a peek into what is sticking on my fridge, so what do you have on yours ?

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