Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our invention - A game of Carrom !

Our latest invention - A weightless "Carrom" board with some bottle caps and yes, washi tape again !

Carrom was one of the commonly played games during my poly days. After lectures, normally I will proceed to the Club house at Student Affairs Centre and join in my cca mates for a game or two !

Thanks to all my friends who bought me packs of chicken essence during their visit after I delivered. Gradually, I am drinking a bottle each day and this idea struck my head to make one for Xav. Kids will be kids, sometimes they do not need expensive toys. Simple game like this can make them very happy !

How to go about it ? Just simply tape up a square tile with four smaller squares at each corner and you are ready for a short game with the caps acting as carrom seeds. Simple enough for a pre-schooler, no striker, no carrom man, no queen and best of all, create your own rules !

Carrom is a game almost similar to billiards, the difference is instead of using pool cues, you use your fingers to strike.

Aim ...

Shoot !
Duper happy when he won his mummy !

Should you be stuck at home on a rainy day, try this with your tapes !

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