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Mustela Bébé Range {Product Review + Giveaway}

Caring for the new-born's baby skin is a delicate matter. Is the product phthalate and parabens free ? Is it hypoallergenic ?  Is the product fragrance free ? Will baby break out in rashes after using ? I would not want any products with any fragrance for baby ... blah blah ... the list goes on and yes this is me ! These are what I look out for when choosing a skin care product for baby.

When Vera was six weeks old, I was using the standard procedure of cleaning her face with clean, clear tap water. But that did not help with the baby acne and milk rash on the little one's face. Baby's skin is supposed to be smooth isn't it ? And I realised the folds behind her ears started to discharge sticky fluid.

Look at her skin shown below and the problems at the folded areas. I was pretty helpless and upset about it.

Until I decided to bring her to see her PD, who recommended and prescribed me with Mustela STELATRIA® Purifying recovery cream. After consistent application for a week, I saw an improvement in her skin condition and felt that the purifying cream is not bad !

STELATRIA® Purifying recovery cream

The problem next  is not only her face. I started to observe that her skin was dry at both her arms and back, redness at the folds under her armpits as well as on her arm. Eventually, she had cradle cap too !! It was like the skin issues came in one after another !

I was elated when I got the invitation to attend Mustela Rebirth Launch, it was a good opportunity to get to know more about the products !

I was willing to give Mustela Bébé Range a try after getting to know that their products are free from :
- Phthalate
- Parabens
- Phenoxyethanol
- Alcohol
- Chlorphenesin
- Genetically modified plants extracts
- Alcohol

and is made from an average of 92% ingredients of natural origins. With an intelligent active ingredient in it , Avocado Perseose, it helps to strengthen the skin and protects it's store of cells by acting as a protective shield and with perfect tolerance. Click HERE to read more on the proven safety and efficacy of Mustela products.

Below are the products, Mustela Singapore had allowed me to pre-select the products to suit the needs of Vera.

Mustela Bébé range

I started cleaning and maintaining her skin with the range of products. I started off with using PhysiObébé, no rinse cleansing fluid (Applicable for the face and diaper area). I totally fell in love with it because it leaves a delicate, refreshing scent after cleaning and no rinsing is required. Adding on, it is so gentle that it does not sting baby's eyes and Vera's perfectly fine with it ! No fuss whenever I clean her face with it.

Following, whenever, Vera pooped. I used the Cleansing milk to clean her up. The cleansing milk has a soft, creamy texture and it is so easy to clean off her diaper area without much fuss. After which, I cleaned again with clear water before I dry the diaper area and apply the Vitamin Barrier Cream.

I will not want to risk having diaper rash on Vera. I will apply diaper rash cream on the diaper area diligently after shower or every diaper change. I'm surprised at the texture of Mustela's Vitamin Barrier Cream.  I find the texture soft and light, it stays on the skin easily and it was delicately scented as well. The best part was, during the next diaper change. The diaper area remained dry and silky soft !!

From the top right : PhysiObébé , Cleansing Milk, Vitamin Barrier Cream

Zooming in on Vera's cradle cap issue. Seriously, I did not know that there is a shampoo for cradle cap until Josephine from Mustela Team shared with me during the launch.

Dermo- Cleansing & Foam Shampoo for New born

As far as possible, I  always love to have "live" testimonial to show.  Here's the "Before and After" using Mustela's Foam Shampoo for Newborn, which targets at cradle cap.

Look closely at the circled area, see if you could see the white flakes on the scalp.


One to two weeks later, I noticed her scalp has clear up ! No more flaky skin on her scalp.

For every shower, I pumped two dallops of the foam shampoo and gently massage her scalp in circular motion alongside with the foam shampoo and rinse off thereafter. It is simple to apply and it does not get into her eyes.

The after effect which I noticed was, I spotted "dandruff" in tiny spots amongst her hair. It seems like the shampoo has helped to eliminate the flakes, I merely just brushed her hair to remove it and soon her scalp is cleared ! The foam shampoo left a light scent on Vera's hair and her hair felt softer too. Should you have spot me smelling her head, you know what's the reason behind it !

After shower, I massaged Hydra Bébé® body lotion onto Vera's body. I love its non greasy texture, leaving her skin soft and moisturized. Gone are the dry patches.

 Hydra Bébé® body lotion

How she enjoyed each time I massaged the lotion onto her body. Through physical touch, it is a good way to bond with the baby through massage.

We see a vast improvement after using Mustela Bébé Range for two weeks ! This is the skin condition of Vera ! No more angry rashes and skin is smoothen and moisturized ! Thank you Mustela !

Mustela Singapore is generously giving away a "Full size Mustela Cleansing Milk PLUS a favourite Mustela product of your choice " for three selected winners from Xavvy-licious Blog readers !!

Simply enter through the Rafflecopter widget below.
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and leave a comment in the blog post indicating :
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- your preferred choice of Mustela product.

Do note that closing date to enter the Giveaway is on 25th October 2013, 2359 hrs and is only opened residents residing in Singapore only.

Should you want to try any of Mustela Products after reading our review, do pop by Spring Maternity Showroom where their Pop-up counter will be until 20th October 2013 and get 20% off Mustela products !

Photo Source : Mustela Singapore

Disclaimer : I was given a set of Mustela Products for review by Mustela Singapore. No monetary compensation was involved and all opinions are of my own.

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Cen-Lin Ting said...

Not easy to choose only one favorite products! :p I would love to tryPhysiObébé!

Mummy J said...

I want to try everything, they all seem good. If really have to choose one, I would like to try the Hydra-bebe. My boy has rashes on the folds of his skin. Hope this will help to improve his skin condition.

OnGmama said...

Serene, nice sharing! Our lil Vera has regained her kissable complexion :) ohhh we love the products and I would love to stretch out my hands for the Hydrabebe body lotion! It's part of my boys' bed time routine :) Thanks for hosting a giveaway... Wish me luck ya!

zhong said...

hope to win the PhysiObébé

Geraldine Gigi Guo said...

Have tried mustela products before and they are great! Would like to win Physiobebe, thks!

Robert Sim said...

Would love to win Mustela STELATRIA® Purifying recovery cream

Yvonne said...

Would love to try e purifying recovery cream!

moodermo said...

I 've heard good things about this mustela product.. Look at this... Going on my wish list now.....

Maral Alto said...

Great event! I like your dermokozmetikmustela ürünleri pictures ☺

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