Friday, October 11, 2013

Bunnies fun !

This morning's breakfast was somewhat similar, bread with cheese and apple wedges. But a little different from the usual as I made it look nicer instead of the boring presentation we normally eat. The amazing part of a nicely presented breakfast was, I do not need to hurry Xav to finish up his breakfast.

I was up feeding Vera at 6 am, I was thinking might as well since I'm not going to fall back to sleep again. I prepare this plate of bun-nies with apples wedges. It's not only food to him, he started to create a story as he ate !

The story of two bunnies by Xav :

The bunnies (bread) were on the ground with red soil (red apple wedges).
The snow (mini dots of bread) dropped onto the bunnies' heads and melted.

(As he finished eating all the mini "dots" on the plate), the snow melted and here comes Spring !

How imaginative of him for a start of a morning !

The  bunnies hopped onto the sailboat and sail away.

They got so tired and slept on their beds .. Zzz

I was pretty surprise by the short & simple story he created and yes, simple as it was but he enjoyed his breakfast.

Don't get me wrong, I am not stressing my five years old to the extent that he has to learn even when he eats. It's all purely from his own initiative alright.

I hope that I can warm up my engine soon and wake up earlier to prepare more of such breakfast if Vera can make it possible that is provided she sleeps after her morning feed!

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