Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Babies photography by Orange Studios << Sponsored Session >>

Vera's got a second photoshoot session sponsored by Orange Studios. This time round, Orange Studios has a new beanbag and some textured covers just for the newborn and babies ! 

This time round, Vera was less cranky as compared to the first session. With the lightings, Ryan did not use any flashes which most babies do not like. Not to worry about baby feeling cold should they be doing naked shoots, the warmth from the light source is enough to maintain a warm surrounding.

Photographer Ryan @ Work

The challenging part during the mid of the session when Vera decided to get cranky. We tried to put her to nap so that it's easier for her to pose as well. The task is left to daddy to carry out and yes, by the end of it both father and daughter dozed off.

Before Vera falls asleep, daddy is half way there ... Zzz
Both knocked out !

Oh well, how sensitive and a light sleeper babies are ! The moment we placed her down onto the bean bag, she woke shortly. =P

These are the images we have selected from the photoshoot session.

So what makes a happy baby during a photoshoot session ?

* The trick was to plan a milk time as close as possible to the photoshoot session.


One of the rare pic of Vera, not crying, with her headband on !

I can't explained why but I love this expression of hers.

From Vera, I learnt that if once a baby is past two weeks old, they will be more alert and their limbs are stronger by then, to take newborn pictures will deem to be a little challenging. Should you have a newborn, take the opportunity when they are less than two weeks old for newborn photoshoot.

Once again, we thank Orange Studios for the lovely pictures of Vera !

To find out more about Orange Studios,
you can visit their website at :
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1, Yishun Industrial Street 1
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Email :
Mobile : 8606-6950

Disclaimer: Orange studios had offered us an exclusive photoshoot for Vera. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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