Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Upcycle project : DIY Spaceship lantern

3...2...1... BLAST OFF !

Our annual school project, making lanterns using materials found at home. This year is the same as the previous, focus is on using milk cartons.

So here we go ! I supposed all of us buy new lanterns each year to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival ? So what do you do with the lanterns after the festival, chucked it aside in the store room or bring it out to play next year (Likely not for us because, Xav will receive lanterns from either the Grans or the Aunts )

But we don't throw them away. We will always dismantle the handle and bulb for our own DIY lantern.

This time, credit goes to daddy who came up with this idea. I did not have the chance to take down pictures of how deardear did it. But roughly, I figured it out from what I see.

The materials you need:
- 2 empty toilet rolls
- some washi tapes
- 1 milk carton. ( Greenfields, 2L container was used)
- handle and bulb of past year's lantern
- cardboard for the wings

1. Cut 1/3 of the top of the green bottle to be the front of the spaceship.
2. Cut three windows on each side of the milk carton.

3. Cut the cross section of the milk carton's base so that you can insert the remaining balance of the green bottle's body and seal the base by taping scotch tape around. (This way, you get green windows)

4. Tape up the toilet rolls with some washi tapes and stick it at the base of the carton.

Helicopter's view
Side View - Saw his name ? It's owner is Xav. Chua
Best part of the handle was the piece where the music comes from is still working. Being too loud, a black masking tape was used to cover the "speaker" to soften the music. Just nice and I have a roll of planets design washi tape! How it fits into the theme !

and off he goes to school, feeling so proud of his daddy's creation !

Don't throw your bottles, upcycle them and turn them into a beautiful lantern of your very own !

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