Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The sweet lil' one ......

First official post for Vera - Welcome to our fun & loving family ! You are the greatest joy to daddy, mummy and gorgor and the best birthday gift to mummy ! In a blink of an eye, you are going to be 2 months old ! As much as I can, mummy will try to jot down your milestones and every little things about you, so that you can read it when you are much older just like how your gorgor does.

Since birth, mummy realised that you are pretty sensitive in your hearing. I know that you can't see clearly, perhaps that was why you are more sharp in your hearing. You will tend to pause and listen whenever someone who sounded unfamiliar to you was talking to mummy.

Just a few days ago, when Gong Gong was carrying you, you spotted and heard me seated behind and
your pair of bright, little eyes was fixed on me as I stood up from the sofa, till I walked away and out of your sight.

Here's a little summary of you for the past two months if my memory did not fail me due to the tiredness of night wakes for feeds and diaper changing. You jaundice lasted for almost one full month. We have been bringing you for blood test at the polyclinic on every alternate two - three days. Hence, despite the fact that you are able to sleep longer, we have no choice but to wake you every three hourly for milk feed so that you can flushed it out.

@ 1 week old - your feeding frequency per day is about 9 -10 times per day. Milk intake through bottle feeding is between 30 - 60  ml.

@  2 weeks old - you feeding frequency is about 8 times per day. Milk intake has increased to 40 - 60 ml.

@ 3 weeks old - Your milk intake is about 60-70 ml. You had your first tummy down time and was found out by Meijie that you actually have the strength to turn your head to face the other direction.

Tummy time

@ 4 weeks old - Your milk intake has increased to 70 - 90 ml and as usual you like to poo big time whenever you have your feed. Sometimes, you can poo up to three times in a feed.

Most of the time, mummy loves to watch you sleep and standby her mobile phone, waiting to capture those priceless expressions, especially the lovely smile of yours. You are always full of expressions ! You love to smile in your sleep as though you heard the angels whisper ......

After a month, mummy gradually started to know how to distinguish your cries. Your cries for hunger can easier be recognised ! Wonder if it's just you, you tend to be frustrated during the mid of a milk feed just because you wanted to let go of the gas in your tummy and poo it out. Afterwich, you be a happy baby.

@ 5 weeks, 1 days old - You were actually sleeping on tummy down, facing the left. However, after 15 mins, I went into the room and saw that you were facing the right and with a half flip done ! This certainly shocked and surprised mummy !

@ 5 weeks, 2 days days old - You made a funny face !

You love to hear gorgor's voice ! Once you were crying, gorgor came in and sang 'Twinkle twinkle little stars", you kept quiet immediately !

How you love gorgor's cuddles and hugs !

The expression of yours when you pee, almost the same as what gorgor did (but gorgor did this when he was doing a "big" one) when he was a baby.

Approaching close to week 8, your night feed is probably once every night, feeding frequency is about 7 times per day.

You looked as if you were asking mummy what have you done wrong, showing me your very innocent face here.

57 days old
Our sleeping beauty & her other princesses

Vera, keep your smiles coming in ! Hope you be on all smiles every day ! Thank you for giving us a chance to experience a total different learning journey on babyhood, to love and grow with you.

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