Monday, September 16, 2013

Moonies "Workshop"

Mid Autumn Festival is approaching but way before I gave birth to Vera, I had opened up my place for a moonies making session for the kids, a last gathering with my shopping network kakis before I'm being tied down with baby.

In 2009, I attempted making mooncakes with these character cookie cutters below as the mould. What you can do is to wrap the filling and pushed them into the cookie cutter and follow by the imprint on top. Be sure to weigh the estimated dough and filling to fill each cutter.

So basically, what we had for the session was :
- some cute cookie cutters/ mooncake plunger

- a box of shortening
- a packet of Phoon Huat Snowskin Premix
- a packet of fillings (we used white lotus paste)

The kids took turns to weigh the flour, pour in water and mix and add colours of their liking to the dough so as to differentiate their own creation at the end of the session.

Amy, assisted the children in rubbing in the shortening, else there may be a big mess. She had also prepared the fillings by rolling them into a ball after measuring to speed things up.

So basically it's just :
- preparing the dough using the premix and shortening
- measure out the dough and fillings for each moonies
- wrap the filling with the dough
*Note that do not handle the dough with your bare hands for too long as it may "melt" the dough and cause it to be sticky.
- Push the wrapped filling + dough into the cutter, flatten it on a flat surface and remove the excess that is spilling out.
*Be sure to dust your cutter with plain flour before you press in the wrapped filling and dough.
- imprint the character image gently onto the top before you push out the moonie.

Children got their little hands busy !
Ermmm... do I see a doctor making moonies here ? Xav chose blue for his moonies and the children went press, press, flattened as they handled the dough.

Press, press, flatten ...
Don't be deceived by the looks, it actually tastes not bad !
By the end of the session, the proud little ones and their moonies, after having a nice shower and changed into  their PJs ! Perhaps a PJ party coming up next ?

Say ... "Mooncake" !
Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all! Stay tuned next to a upcycle lantern project !!

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