Friday, September 13, 2013

Back to the basic - Mini pork chops

I would not have know that the recipe behind the yummy pork chop which my confinement lady cooked for us is that simple !  Both the father and son has asked Meijie to cook again and yes by request dear asked me to learn how to cook this. So how much do they love this dish ?

Another simple dish which all can put on to your weekly homecook menu ! It does not take long to cook this. Meijie knows that after she leaves, I be left alone to :
- Tidy up the warzone, cleaning and washing ...
- Cook for all meals
- Juggling between the two kids
- Prepare home learning materials as well as to supervise Xav in his work.

Hence, she taught me to marinate the fillets before hand so that when I need to cook, I will just need to take out the amount I wanted to cook and pan fry it till cooked and serve.

Literally, the marination of the pork fillets are these basic; soy sauce, dark sauce, dash of sesame oil, sugar and corn flour.

Layer the base with lettuce if you want. Normally for pan fried/ fried meaty dish, I will balance it up with some vegetables.

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