Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our ways to use Washi Tapes !

Are you a Washi lover ? Yes I am and am so so so happy to be able to make a trip to the MT Expo Fair @ Ion Orchard just two days before I am due for labour !

I saw the crafters posted on the WASHI ADDICT page in FB and was attracted by the colourful paper balls made from washi tapes and yes I knew I got to make a trip down no matter what ! =P

Basically, washi tapes are pretty masking tapes (MT) with either solid colours or nice deco prints on them. The moment I stepped into the gallery, the feeling is like as if you have stepped into a world of colours

Nice wall tapes ! Makes me paused for a moment if I should tape up my walls at home !
The fair even had a station for visitors to washify the plain boxes or which ever item you wish to tape and decorate with the washi tapes they provided with no charges.

I bought like five rolls for myself on my first visit. But it didn't end just there ! I was shopping via watsapp whilst in hospital ! Below are the new additions to my washi tapes collection from MT Expo. Spot the two rolls of limited edition tapes ?

So how are you using your washi tapes ? Apart from using them to make my scrapping layout or to decorate the pages of an album,

Washi for album pages
I used the tapes for my card orders,

Card making
Decorating the diy mini envelopes for party favours
Decorated my very own gift box
For baking lovers, you can try making little flag as toppers for your cupcakes.

Cupcake toppers
markings for Xav's height. Every month or two, he will stand against the wall and I will make a marking with the washi tape so that he can see how tall he has grown.

Xav's growth indicators
Plain white washi tapes, I used it to write and label the date and time for my breastmilk to track the expiry date.

My confinement lady is even more creative. As Baby Vera's wrist is too small until the mittens kept slipping off her hands. The confinement lady used a little of the washi tape to secure the mittens. Hence, the slipping off issue is solved !

Washi to "tighten" the mittens
Xav turned my collection into his "lego bricks" and started to build his castle with them !

Washi tapes turned "lego bricks"
Last but not least  a simple craft for Xav. This year, I got him to decorate the plain looking wooden stationery holders as Teacher's Day gifts. He had fun going through the collection and choosing the tapes he wanted and started to run the tapes around the holders.

I have made some altered stationery holders as Christmas gifts last year.

So how else would you use washi tapes ?

Here are some washi craft ideas :

1. Washi Tape Puppet sticks by Dollar Store Mom :

2. Washified coasters for your home by A pumpkin and a princess :

3. Washi bookmarks by life with love bugs :

4. Washi tape Initial by sasinteriors, something for your room :

5. Some fabulous projects you can make by artsyfartsymama :

Have fun !!

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Madeline Heng said...

Wow that's A LOT of washi! I only recently joined the craze with only a few haha

Yee Mei said...

Wow this is very pretty and cute and dainty! ^_^ I can't help but smile big at this! Something I have not taken the leap of faith in trying, haha. Thank you for the inspiration!

Yee Mei

xavvy said...

Madeline : hahaha ! You can start growing your collection !

I started quite long ago but practised self control ! Else would be more than this heap.

Yee Mei : Thanks for dropping by ! It's pretty fun and loads can be done with these wonder tapes !

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