Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our latest addition - Princess Chua's Birth Story

* Before reading on, just an alert that some photos shown below may cause discomfort if you can't take the happenings in the delivery suite *

30th July 2013 it shall be ! The day both dear and I become proud parents of two and Xav got "promoted" to become a big brother !

Princess Chua can't wait to join us ! Her EDD was supposed to be on 20th August 2013 but she decided to listen to Aunty Angeline and decided to come out after allowing me to finish attending my dinner with a group of mummy friends.

On that evening whilst at the dinner, I felt a sudden pressure pressed down and I was having an instinct, not sure though if it was a sign. After I reached home and was about to take my shower, suddenly I felt that my water bag may have burst and started to leak bit by bit.

This was quite similar to that of Xav. Same experience, no contractions, no pain. Only that water bag burst and leaked.

For the princess, the leakage of water bag comes with a little of blood mixture. I took my shower, called up my gynea at the same time and started to pack my hospital bag. (Yes, nothing has been done at all)

We arrived at Mt Alvernia Hospital and my gynea was already standing outside, waiting for me. He brought me to the delivery suite and confirmed that I was already 2 cm dilated. Choice was given to me to take epidural or not and not like the last time, I took it only after I have dilated to 6 cm as I want to experience what is labour pain. I decided to take the easy way out and took the jab early at 12.30 am. Per jab is supposed to last for 5 hours or so ? I'm crossing my finger that the labour time for this time round is the same as Xav.

The miracle - Epidural =P
Yes, indeed, near 4.30am, midwife told me, I have fully dilated to 10am ! And I have to hold till my gynea comes. With two pushes (Not totally full push though), my gynea told me baby is out !! This round, I find it so amazing, I could even bend forward to look at my newborn. The baby which I was carrying for 37 weeks, is right in front of me !

Dr Chong and baby !
I have requested to hold baby in my arms before they carry her away for cleaning up. Here she is safely in my arms !


Dear cutting the umbilical cord for the 2nd time and yes almost cut the wrong part ! lol !
As usual, am asked if I wanted to keep my placenta. It's known to be very nutritious and some people will opt to keep and processed them into capsules for oral intake. Some hospitals may have such service to help make it into capsules.
Alright, that's my placenta !
Ready to be wrapped with the foil to keep warm !

Wiped clean by the nurse and ready to have her measurements taken
Measuring her head circumference
Measuring her height
Weighing a 2.78 kg
Ready to be kept warm
I'm warmly snuggled up !!
Baby Chua's first pic with the Grans.
The proud por por of her third grandchild
Baby Chua with her Grandmama
Xav, of course you could sensed his excitement and the happiest ! His long awaited sister is now in his arms ! How he loved her and requested to carry her immediately !

The daddy, korkor and baby
We were discharged three days later with baby's jaundice level at 255 UMO/L. Thankfully, level was mild. We just need to sun baby when we get back home till the level drops.

I would like to thank dear here for everything. He is definitely drained out from all the chores of washing up the baby's stuff and running errands here and there after the princess' arrival as well as looking after the big korkor.

At the same time, thank you all for your time in reading Baby's birth story. =)



Irene Soh said...

Congrats Serene!! Baby Chua looks really pretty. Xav looks like the loving gor gor ready to take on brotherly duties. And we have the same GYNE!!! Dr Chong ROCKS!

xavvy said...

Thanks for ur blessings Irene ! Haaa he is a big help if he could clear his stuff by himself.

Hahaha yes ! Dr Chong is one of the very open minded gynea around ! Kudos to the bow tie doctor !

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