Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Preps to welcome our new addition - Clothes and notes !

Writing this post in my 35 weeks 1 day pregnancy and yes, I think we are taking things too lightly. We have yet to even think of a name for precious no.2. For her name, we could not think of a suitable one for a Leo baby gal and still in search for it.

These past few week, my feet got swollen easily and now it reached a stage whereby numbness will set in. This affected my hands and fingers as well. The joints on my fingers hurt and I could not even grip the properly. My leg swelled up until I could not even locate my ankle bone.

I was on leave to rest at home and thought it would be good to start doing something incase if I have an early delivery @ 38 weeks if the second pregnancy follows the same as the first.

I decided to sort out the hand me downs first and then start on the washing. This is the warzone which I'm fighting against. The lil' one sure turns the living room upside down with the bags of clothes handed me down from Edna and Xav.

I labelled the papers according to months and sticked them on the floor for easy sorting.

Sorting of the booties and mittens. That's the difference when comes to expecting a baby girl. You see more pink ! How sweet !

Retrieved the handbook on breastfeeding and baby care from the shelves to refresh my memory and get myself familiarise with handling a newborn all over again after a 5 years break !

And the most important of all, this stash of notes which I paid to attend the Parenting Course to get Xav trained on a routine when he was 9 months old. Shall share more about this later. All I have to say is thankful for being able to attend this course which gave me back my beauty sleep. This helps to put a fullstop to my nightly midnight comfort latch on. Xav slept through the night thereafter.

The undone; wall murals, washing of all the clothes, clearing of drawers to make way for the clothes, setting up of cot, thinking of a name, milk bags not bought ... The list goes on .......

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