Friday, July 12, 2013

Ba ...Ba... Ba... Ba... Ba.. Nana ! Minions !!

Are you joining in the craze after watching Despicable Me 2 on the screen ? After the movie, I have a minion in my house and you could guess who ? He literally started his own minion language and his blabbering starts all over again !

This came to my mind, to create something personalized for Xav using my Hama beads. I did a trial on the template, got the image done and the crayola mini stampers came into good use. I stamped and coloured the circles(smiley faces here). Instead of making the whole jumpsuit in blue, I made a letter on each jumpsuit, using red hama beads to form his name. What's special here is "Glow in the dark" hama beads were used for the goggles. He loves it and placed both "X" & "A" Minions by the side of his mattress.

He was so excited to do the activity himself ! My self drawn template is not suitable to allow the clear plate to be placed over. Hence, good way to get Xav to study how many colour beads are there on each row and start counting and at the same time placing the correct number of beads onto each row.

Not only that, this activity can also help to train up his fine motor skills which he is pretty bad in.

Just this morning, he told me cheekily, "Mummy, I'm a Minion today because I'm wearing my yellow uniform and looks just like them !"

I have intended to make his full name, get a shadow box or probably a frame to frame up and hang in his room. So if you have excess hama beads in your stash, try this out with your little one. You can make them into keychains or stick them on mini canvas board, I leave it up to you.

To join in the Minions Craze, I'll be hosting a giveaway on a set of personalized Minions (Name of your choice)on my blog (Excluding the frame)

Steps to join in the giveaway :
1. LIKE Xavvy-licious on Facebook and tag and share the giveaway with a friend.
2. Leave a comment in this post on your preference of:
a) A ready made set (Excluding frame)
b) A set to DIY yourself ( For your info, I'm using midi beads here if you have the plate suitable for this size of beads)
3. Your choice of name for the set
4. Leave your email address too so that I can drop you a mail if you are the lucky one to win a set. =)

Closing date of Giveaway : 19th July 2013.

*Note that the giveaway is for local addresses only*

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1 comment:

Cen-Lin Ting said...

This is really good idea serene!

Would love to win a ready made set from you!! Is it too much to ask for the name to be "Kyle&Kyne" cos after all now I have two must be fair. :)

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