Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To progress or to hold back ?

On 9th June 2013, Xav went for his station 2 grading and yes, he cleared it with much confidence !

Well done, Xav !
He is now able to perform the following: - Front kick 10 meters
- Back Star Float 5 seconds
- Mushroom Float 10 seconds
- Confident Jump - water level
- Submersion - assisted ( 1 metre or less)
- Bubbles blowing - 10 counts (nose bubbles, no goggles )
- " 6 kicks 1 breath" Drill - 15 metres

The happy and confident little boy !
Apart from what he has achieved, we were actually caught in making a decision. Initially, we signed him up with the intention of improving his physical health as he has wheezing history and prone to cough easily. We wanted to expose him to water confidence as well as we felt swimming is an essential for all regardless of gender.

So far, his progress as per his coach's feedback is very positive. He has great motivation to learn and also the determination and drive to push himself to perform better than his peers. He is infact a source of motivation for his peers in his group, who looked upon him as a role model and are much more confident and have lesser fear when comes to submerging their heads in water especially, after seeing what Xav could do.

His coach did expressed that at the moment she can still cope with teaching the rest of the group who have not cleared Station 1 and at the same time teaching Xav the skills of Station 3. 

Now we are caught in this situation, should we remain him in this group under the current's coach coaching or should we "promote" him to another class ?

He is much ahead of his peers in the class and has infact hit the "roof" and should probably advance to a older class to learn new skills so as not to hinder his progression. We are on the other hand worried that if his confidence level be shaken if we "promote" him to a class with the older kids. Will he feel the stress if he can't catch up or perform as well as the older kids ?

Financially wise, our pockets are definately taken into consideration. Of course it will be better if Xav could promote to the next stage within the shortest time  (At his own pace).

What would you have done if you are facing such situation ? To let your child stay at this comfort zone or to advance ? Would love and appreciate to hear from all of you.

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