Tuesday, June 18, 2013

School Holidays Promotion @ ColorWash !

Before I was invited to the service trial from ColorWash,

I have to plead guilty for not maintaining Xav's shoes as am clueless about what should I do to the dirty pairs, 

The exterior of the dirty pair
especially the interior of the shoes despite having to have washed the exterior.

The interior
Normally not washed, as Xav had always wore socks when comes to wearing his sneakers, hence, the interior is not as bad as what happened to my shoes.

My thoughts changed after meeting up with Ms Gemma, the founder of ColorWash and a mother of two. The very approachable and chatty lady shared some knowledge with me on Basic Feet Hygiene.

- Our feet are among the most perspiration-prone parts of our body.
- Our feet has more than 250,000 sweat glands and can produce 1 pint (473.176ml) of perspiration each day.
- Excessive sweating affects 3% of the world's total adult population.

What causes smelly feet ?
- Odors occur only when sweat comes in contact with bacteria.
- Sweat is trapped by the shoes and socks that we wore. This tight, dark and damp space provides the best breeding ground for bacteria, which then interacts with your sweat to secrete odours, thereby causing smelly feet. 

How ColorWash does the cleaning :
An assessment will be done first, followed by the recommended treatment based on the material and conditions of wear.

First round of cleaning would be done to remove all dirt and grime from the shoes inside out. Appropriate dry-cleaning agent (s) will then be applied by way of a chemical wash. Process will also include the up-to-date cleaning technology and using of treatment tools.

Disinfecting will be done using an Ozone process - Ozone being one of the most powerful disinfectants available - to disinfect our bacteria filled shoes. It kills bacterial, sterilizes our footwear as well as removing the unwanted odors.

For the service trial, I sent in Xav's red pair of Nike shoes which he wears to school as well as his Sammies which he always carry around when we go out. Perhaps, most of the time, we were the ones carrying it. Hence, to wash it will be the last thought on my mind unless something spilled on it or if it's really dirty.

Pictures of dirty Sammies before it was sent for cleaning :

The dull and dirty looking Sammies
Interior of Sammies
The extremely dirty base which I did't realise !
I went to collect Sammies two days ago. It was professionally stuffed up nicely, packed in a clear bag and sealed with a ColorWash sticker logo.

After being cleaned up by ColorWash :

A nice clean base with all stains removed !

With a much cleaner interior
Thank you ColorWash for giving Sammies a nice wash up !

Spanking clean Sammies  !
Good news for mummies ! Get the children's shoes and bags all clean up before the new term starts !

ColourWah is currently having  a School holiday promotion ! (From 1st June - 30th June 2013) and is extending 20% off on all cleaning services for school bags and all children shoes.

Promotion is available at all outlets.

- Promotional price for school bag: $24 (U.P. $30)
- Promotional price for school shoes: $12 (U.P. $15)

ColorWash also provides total care solutions for leather bags. Check out more about their services HERE.
Earlier in April 2013, ColorWash has also launched their Soft Cleaner Wipes and Protection Cream Wipes.
The wipes are manufactured in Italy and ColorWash is the first in Singapore to offer suitable wipes for maintenance and also to resolve accidental stains

The wipes are water-based and delicate, catering for leather's organic structure. Note that misuse of wet tissue paper, baby wipes or sanitary wipes can aggrevate the stains due to the presence of alcholo and oil contents which alter the properties of leather.

The Soft Cleaner wipes cleans common dirt and minor stains from accidents for daily upkeep and is recommended to use before the Protection Cream Wipes.

Protection Cream Wipes gives moisture and safeguards your possession against everyday threats, such as rain, perspiration and oily skin

Notably, the Protection Cream Wipe is most recommended for aniline and dyed leather. Aniline leather is natural leather coated with wax which is commonly used for smaller items. Dyed leather is leather in coated colors besides the natural shade of brown.

The wipes are retailing at $4.90 per pack at all ColorWash outlets. To view the Before and After care pictures of ColorWash Service, do go to their FB page.

I'm a clean and happy kid ! Thank you ColorWash !
Guess what ... I have sent in my Longchamp bag and Coach Wristlet for cleaning too ! Can't wait to receive them in their freshly cleaned state !

Disclaimer: There is no monetary compensation. We received a complimentary trial cleaning service for Xav's backpack & shoes coupled with a packet of complimentary soft cleaner wipes and a packet of complimentary protection cream wipes. No monetary compensation. All opinions are of my own.

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