Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Learning chinese characters made easy !

I found this book when I visited Library @ Chinatown and thought it's a good reference for parents who want to start teaching the kiddos simple chinese characters. I felt that it made the learning of chinese characters easier.

Below is one of the pages in the book. It actually explains how the character is derived from the object itself.

It includes 笔画数目 (number of strokes), 书写笔順 (strokes sequencing), 记字口决 (A riddle to help remembering the character more easily), 造句 (Making sentences), 组词, 词语搭配 (how to use the character in a sentence) etc

The characters comes with a Han Yu Pin Yin on the top left corner as well.

Do look out for this book if you are in the library !

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