Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Honeysuckle flowers & Chrysanthemum Drink

Another drink which have cooling properties to combate against this hazy period. One of the mummy bloggers from Peipei.Haohao shared this on her blog.

I normally boil either chrysanthemum flowers or honeysuckle flowers alone by itself when Xav started showing signs of heatiness. I will notice that his lips will turned "red" as compared to the normal pinkish lips and will do a tongue and throat inspection. His tongue will seem to be a white coating and if over heaty, the top of his throat will have some red spots appearing. Have found an interesting article on Tongue diagnosis if you wish to find out more.

This is when the honeysuckle flowers drink comes in and yes, it's effect is amazing. Drink it today and the red spots disappeared by tomorrow. But do keep in mind that take only in moderation and not too much, especially for children.

According to my tcm, if the red spots develops into ulcers, this will result in the fever kicking in. These tips which I learnt from her so far has been quite useful for me in looking out for symptoms of Xav falling sick.

She has taught me to boil honeysuckles flower drink with black sugar. The tip here is do not over boil as it will make the drink even more bitter. Same tip goes for the chrysanthemum flowers drink.

For chrysanthemum flowers drink, I ususally buy a bottle of "Tai Ju". Tai Ju is one special variety of Chrysanthemum flowers that have only partially bloomed - young flowers, well-preserved within their own built-in protection, and filled with flavour and wonderful health benefits. I do not add sugar and will just give a cup to Xav depending on how much he needs. Luckily he takes all these drinks well.

You can add a little wolfberries or dried lychees to make the drink more flavourful.

As for the properties of Honeysuckle Flowers :
- It is cold in nature and it helps to clear heat from the lungs and stomach channels.
- It is good in clearing the heart and stomachfire for detoxification.

Effects: Clearing away heat, detoxicating and expelling wind-heat.

Another function of the honeysuckle flowers, whenever Xav has insect bites, his sensitive skin will result in a bad swelling on the affected area. I will also boil the honeysuckle flowers, cooled it and then using a cotton pad, I will wash or apply on the affected area and the skin condition is kept under control.

This works well for skin rashes as well as diaper rash, the anti-inflammation properties of the flowers do have amazing results !

Back to how to boil this drink,  I boiled this based on estimation. if you want exact measurement, you may refer to the above link I have shared.

Ingredients :
1. Chrysanthemum flowers
2. Honeysuckle flowers
3. Black sugar or rock sugar to taste

Just bring the above 1 & 2 to boil, add in sugar, let it simmer for another 5 mins and turn off fire.

This is another remedy to counteract this hazy period. Do give a try !

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