Friday, June 7, 2013

Growing clear crystals - Big Bag of Science

What's up for this coming school holidays ? We bought this Big bag of Science to have some fun time doing simple experiments in the evenings. This kit can do more than 50 fun experiments ! We loved it !

The equipment and materials in the package
We did our first experiment two days ago - Growing clear crystals.

A scoop, superabsorbent crystals and a cup
I got Xav to put in one scoop of superabsorbent crystals in the cup.

Before I add in the water, I got him to feel the texture of the beads.

I assisted him to write down his findings based on what he observed and touched. I believed that learning is more complete if the child gets his/her sensory touch involved and had fun discovering and observing.

His findings
So what is about this growing crystals ? (From the activity sheet)

The scientific name for Superabsorbent crystals is cross-linked polyacrylamide copolymer gel, or a superabsorbent polymer in short. If you look at the polymer with a microscope, you will discover it is actually simply a long chain of molecules that absorb water

The superabsorbent crystals are safe to touch and squeeze through your fingers. Since they absorbed water, it may caused problem with the plumbing system. Hence, it's good to discard them properly in a bag.

Our beautiful, colourful crystals which have expanded after several hours. We gonna keep this and perhaps plant something with it !

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