Monday, June 3, 2013

Bun @ 29 weeks 3 Days

A quick and short post for a Monday as I have 2 hours to spare while waiting to have my blood samples drawn for the second time for the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT).

Bump @ 29 weeks
Today am in my 29 weeks and 3 days. BB is weighing at 1.5kg (average weight) while I have gained 15kg so far, hitting 60kg.

I wish the current weight can be maintained even after delivery but of cos with even distribution to the correct places.  =p
Scan of the abdomen to measure bb's weight

No issues so far except for the waking up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep plus the nightly cramps on my calves and worse a very weird area, my ankle ! The cramps kept coming back till I was tearing away...

What calls for the OGTT test was my gynea showed a cause for concern for my weight surged during the last two months. I gained near to 10kg. Diabetes was the concern on his mind.
I have been fasting since last evening from 8pm onwards as OGTT requires us to fast for at least 10-16 hours before hand.

The first blood sample will be drawn and tested to give a baseline reading. I was then given a bottle of glucola after that to be consumed within 5 mins. Of course I was happy to see the orange coloured drink but never did occurred to me that it was so sweet that it seriously sucks a big time ! I felt so like puking after taking it.

I was told to wait for two hours to have another round of urine test and blood samples drawn again. And yes, was reminded to remain seated and not to walk around. And if I should throw up after the drink, I will have to retake the test again !!

Finally,  the long wait of two hours is ending in 10 mins time which meant break-fast soon !!!

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