Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bubbles Gymnastics @ The Grandstand

For this June holidays, if you are planning some activities for your child, this is one of the schools you can check it out at The Grandstand.

Together with three other mommy bloggers, we were invited to a morning of Kids'Day Out @ The Grandstand over the weekend. The whole morning was filled with fun activities for the kids.

Our first stop to kickstart the day was a session @ Bubbles Gymnastics (Formerly known as Sky Gym).

The brightly lited Bubbles Gym

The instructors started the class with a mass warm up.

After the warming up, the children proceeded to the station where they did Backward Roll.

Samantha said that this is something that not all children will be willing to perform as it is a really different feel altogether. She is happy that the group of students under her, have the confidence to perform it. I'm glad to see that Xav is willing to give a try. Here is a short clip on it :


Why gymnastics and what are it's benefits :

Gymnastics is not solely about producing gymnasts. It is a lifestyle exercise program for children - building strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, discipline and resilience which are important and essential skills for life.
Balancing on the "snake"
1. Self confidence : As each step they take, it helps them to gain confidence in themselves which will benefit them in their school life as well as life as a whole.

Here's a clip on an attempt of doing a handstand with the help of the barrel (if there is a correct term for it) and how he wayang as he attempted to climb out.


2. Social skills : Children learn through learning to listen to instructions, being quiet, taking turns and respecting other etc.

3. Discipline : The classes are conducted in a controlled environment. Discipline will be instilled in the children as well as learning self control which is strongly emphasised by the coaches.

4. Coordination : Gymnastics help to develop better coordination and motor skills.

5. Flexibility : Gymnastics help to build overall flexibility and help prevent injuries be it in whichever kind of sport the child is taking on.

6. Determination and Focus : Some gymnastics skills are hard to master, hence from here, children learn determination and focus in continuing to work hard to master the skill. This resilience is something essential for life and is important to have. It helps to stimulate neurological pathways and promote reading readiness, longer attention span, enhaced problem solving skills as well as communication skills in children.

7. Over coming fears : To face a challenge with a little fear and then to successfully accomplish it, is a wonderful motivator and confidence builder for all children and this can be provided in gymnastics.

8. Fitness and strength : Gymnastics classes are activities-packed, moving and lifting their own body weights build overall body strength and this fitness can help reduce the developing of asthmatic condition during adolescence.

There are a range of classes catering to the different age group :
Kindergym (3-6 years old)
Recreation (5 years & above)
Junior Trampoline ( 3-6 years)
Trampoline (6 years & above)

Not only they provide classes, if you want your child to experience an extraordinary birthday party. Do email : to find out more.

This is definately something new for Xav and yes, he enjoyed the session thoroughly under the coaching of the friendly Instructor, Ms Samantha. Thank you Bubbles Gym for having us.

The Bubbles Gym is located at :
200 Turf Club Road
#02-04 Turf City
Singapore 287994

Tel : (65) 6466 4656
Fax : (65) 6466 5216
Bubblesgym FB page

* Do note that there is no monetary compensation. We were invited for a trial session and all opinions are of my own. *

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