Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's in my bag ?

This is my typical working bag and most of the time, these items found inside are the quite standard must haves. the items I bring out can be lesser than these 10 items but am trying not to bring more than 10 items.

If I bring Xav out, add-ons would be a pack of wet wipes, one set of clothes for him and his water bottle.

Here's my list from the bottom right to left :

1. Coach wrislet to contain coins, receipts, notes and a pack of tissue. Normally, I will just hang this over my wrist and just swing off for lunch !

2. My house keys with the 3D Minnie Mouse Key holder, housing the key to my main door. Saves the hassel of identifying which key is which from the rest.

3. Mini hair brush from Bodyshop incase my hair gets messed up if ever I'm caught in the rain. (Not neceesary to bring out though)

4. Maybelline lipgloss to look "swee swee" abit at times cos I normally don't put on make up.

5. A bottle of Prefrin eyedrops to be on standby as my eyes are always red from irritation. 1001 reasons but I don't know why either. Maybe due to my fringe ?

6. DBS IBanking Token to settle my indian sums with my different groups of shopping network, anytime, anywhere.

Second Row (Right to left) : Burberry wallet holding about 14 cards (Credit cards + membership discount cards). You see as our age number gets bigger, the no. of discount cards to help us make some savings increases as well. (Turning into a typical Auntie soon heh)

7. My pair of Dior shades from hubby. A Must have ! I can do without an umbrella but I can't do without a pair of shades from the scorching sun.

Row 3 :

8. Miu Miu card holder, a birthday pressie from my sis. Three standard items in it. DBS Atm card, OCBC Atm Card and my Citibank EZ Link card. Sometimes, I can just grab my phone and this card holder when I go for quick dinners near my place.

9. A bright sky blue with moo prints from Smiggle to help me note down when I'm meeting my friends of different groups or any plays/ musicals that I'm bringing Xav to watch, not forgetting the birthday parties/ full month or weddings that we'll be attending !

10. My mobile phone cable so that I can charge my phone at work as battery used up pretty fast !

11.Last but not least the roomy LV Bag hubby got for me to contain all these above !

This will be the new item to add into the bag on weekends or meeting up with friends only. My new baby : The Golden Child of Lomographic Cameras, Fisheye Baby 110 ! Typically weightless !

Quite a number of friends were asking me where did I get my baby from. Here's the address :

295 South Bridge Rd, S(058838)
12pm-9pm daily

So what's in your bag ? Linking up with Accidental-mum-blogger.

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