Monday, May 20, 2013

Shades holder makeover !

Yes ! Bid goodbye to the dirty looking white box which houses my shades ! Over the time, the pure white has turned greyish and dirty. No matter how I clean it, the corners remained as what you see in this pic. Glad that I went to learn the Art of Decoupaging, which held me back from discarding this away. Instead, now the box got a new look !

Quite a good way to destress as well as recently, I was like boiling to the max from the doings of the helper who acted "smart" but her smartness tends to bring more trouble instead !

Here's before the holder got it's makeover.

After the "make over" , I no longer need to feel embarrased taking out the dirty looking box to put my shades in ! Fell in love with the cute little sheeps ! Am really glad that I did not discard the box away ! So if you have any worn out looking items at home, do not throw them ! Give them a new look !

And yes, one of my friends was suggesting to me to paint the sheeps using glow-in-the-dark paint, so that I can count them when I can't get to sleep ! =p

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