Friday, May 17, 2013

<< Preview>> Megabugs Return !!

Enter the Insect Kingdom @ Megabugs Return ! Thanks to Liza, we are very priviledged to be invited to attend the event. This got our lil' buddy all excited !

During the cocktail reception, Xav went to the balloonist and got himself his favourite ladybug tied to his wrist. Look at that red spider behind him ! I heart that !

Spot the "live" insects walking around ! With their costumes creatively made from recycled materials !

Here are a few pics captured  of  what you can expect at the exhibition. Oversized animatronics, static bugs,

Asian Forest Scorpion

Singapore Blue
Aedes Mosquito

collection of live insects and rare specimens as well as some informative galleries to read up on the facts.

Glow in the dark scorpions

Spot the stick insect
Want to have a feel of how it's like to be a fly on the wall ? Xav got to have a feel of it.

At the end of the exhibition, there were some booths outside. One of which Xav went was a booth showcasing of some insects which has medicinal properties and were used in TCM presciptions.

We saw dried scorpions, dried centipedes, wingless cockroaches and bamboo bees. The fearless Xav happily went to have a feel of touching them and smelling each individual to find out which insect has the strongest smell lingering even though it has been sun dried.

Well, for me, such a shame to say that I quietly moved to one side when I saw Xav picked up the wingless cockroach, wishing silently that he does not come to me with it. Yes, it may be dead but I can't help but feeling fearful of something which is harmless *laughs*

Wingless Cockroach
Below are pics of pastries topped with fried scorpions and fried ants.
Fried scorpions

Fried ants as toppings on pastries
If you dare to give it a try, these delicacies can be at :
Imperial Restaurant (Imperial Herbal)
Vivocity #03-08 Lobby G
Singapore 098585

Phone and Fax no. from Metropole Hotel remained :
63370491 / 63360611
Email :

They be holding a Bugs Mania Workshop on 25th May 2013 to observe various parts of insects under the microscope and learn to weave a grasshopper using coconut leaves !

Last but not least, it's a pleasure to meet some mommy bloggers for the first time;

From the right :

1. Irene who blogs @

2. Liza who blogs @

3. Connie who blogs @

4. It's me !

"Megabugs Return " will be held @ Science Centre Singapore till 18 August 2013.
10am – 6pm daily  $20* (Adult), $15* (Child 3 – 12 years old)
*Includes Science Centre admission

#Disclaimer: This is an media invitation and no monetary compensation was done. All opinions and views are of my own.

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