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Library @ Chinatown

Updates as of 27/5/2015.

I revisited Chinatown Library with both the kids. It was like a 2 years ago when  I last visited this branch ! I took the opportunity to update some information and pictures since I have made my trip there.

I was so surprise to find out that there is actually a library located within Chinatown Point through one of the post posted by one of the Mom bloggers, Mummy Kless.

After dear departed for UK, the following day, we made our way to Chinatown. We headed straight to Chinatown Point straight after our lunch to check out the Library.

Before you reach the entrance of the library, here's what Vera would like to tell you, there is a room for her and the little friends to get their diapers changed.

(Updated 27/5/2015 ) My little friends, there is a room for us !

Library@Chinatown, the first community supported library, was officially opened on 31 Jan 2013. It offers a wide collection, catering to both arts and cultural enthusiasts as well as to the general public, who are keen in learning more about Chinese culture and arts.

(Update 27/5/2015 ) Entrance of the library
(Updated27/5/2017) Reading area for the public when there is no on going event.

Does this biscuit tin rings a bell ?
Totally engrossed reading the articles and going through the exhibits on Chinatown during the olden days.

Some fun stamping activities of familiar icons of Singapore like Singa the lion, Singapore Changi Airport & the Dragon playground etc.

Happened that there was a book launch. Yes, I was drew to it. This was one of the three books which I bought. Xav has been reciting this when he was 4 then. I thought this book "Di Zi Gui"would greatly helped me better relate to him the meaning of each phrases with English translation and comics since now he is able to apprehend subjects better.

Sample page of how the pages inside looks like

I also bought the other two on "Three Character Classis" << San Zi Jing >> and "The Classic of Filial Piety" << Xiao Jing >>

As we made our way towards the Children's section, more mini reading areas are lined along the pathway.

Follow by is the children's section.

Apart from the tables, sofas are made available in the Children's section too !

Photo credit to Straits Times

Be spoilt for choices on the large collection of books on Chinese Cultures, Chinese idioms & poems, classic tales etc !

I found this series of readers on the Monkey King and Journey to the west.

( Updated 27/5/2015)

Xav made himself really comfortable, sitting on one of the ladybug cushions and started flipping through the books. (Updated 27/5/2015: These two cutie ladybugs are no longer there. You can either sit at the tables or sofas else just make yourself comfortable on the steps ! )

Before we left, we passed by a collaborative room with former radio channel "Rediffusion" that allows the patrons to listen to old dialects broadcast. This is located just right after the entrance, on the left hand side.

(Updated 27/5/2015 )
We left the library with a few books on the origins of Chinese Festivals. Quite a good find as I did not managed to find them at Seng Kang Library.

The lil' bookworm loves the books ! I'm surprised that he still remembers the phrases as I have not been going through with him for quite sometime and his attention was drawn to read and apprehend the drawings and speech bubbles. Of course as we go along, I explained to him as well. The books are available in Popular Book Stores should you wish to get them.

Location of Library @ Chinatown as follows:
133 New Bridge Road
#04-12 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 11.00am - 9.00pm

Closed at 5.00pm on eves of Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year
Closed on Public Holidays

Bookdrop Hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

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