Friday, May 17, 2013

Dong Ya Seafood Chi Char << 东亚海鲜 >>

Located at 36 Keong Saik Road, junstion of Teck Lim Street. This coffeeshop sits in one of the pre-war shophouses and opposite the building, you can find a stretch of pre-war shophouses as well. With most of them being under the Heritage Preservation Programme, you can see more modern restaurants sprouting out.

I remembered a decade ago, one of my friends brought me here and I must say the dishes were good ! Surprsingly, after so many years, they now have their chef recommendations and I must say yes, it's a MUST try when you come here. I have been there twice this month with different groups of friends and confirmed that the following below will normally be recommended by the lady.
This dish below is pretty addictive. Wrapped with pork floss, water chestnut, carrot, scallop and I think asparagus. Thumbs up for it ! You will ask for more.

Nai3 Pi2 Fu3 Pi2 Juan3

Coffee Ribs
One of their highly recommended Tou fu topped with Chai Por and minced meat. I find this so-so only though.

Qi2 Xiang1 Tou4 Fu4
This dish spicy level varies from the two different visits. The first time I came was way too spicy for me. But the second visit, it seems just right. The chicken were deep fried to a crispy crunch and coated with yet another sauce that you will ask for more.

Gan1 Xiang1 Ji1 Guo1
I personally find this soup normal. Not as fascinating as what they have recommended. Tasted quite blend to me, probablyI need more stronger taste food at the moment.

Fish maw Soup

Pricing wise were quite reasonable. We ordered about 4-5 dishes and total bill tantamounts to $50 plus but less than $60. It would have costs more if I were to eat at the Chi Char at the kopitiam opposite my place.

Operating hours :

11am - 2.30 pm
5 pm - 10 pm

If am not wrong, they are closed on every wed.

After the dinner, if you can still stomach further. Try their traditional bread toast from the coffeeshop ! No pics for the toast as by the time, the order came, they are gone in seconds ! = p

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