Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Croc-a-compound word !

What makes a compound word ?
A compound word is made up of two words that has a meaning and come together to make one new word.

How does it helps in reading ?
It helps to build on the vocabulary bank as well as it helps the child to read better by identifying the "smaller" words in the word. It makes reading easier by breaking up the words.

For example:
Foot + Ball = Football
Eye + Sight = eyesight
Pin +Wheel = Pinwheel

Xav had learnt some simple knowledge before I made him this foam crocs "Compound Words" kit. Just in time that Mindchamps is covering on Compound words for these two lessons.

Here's my foam crocodiles ! Each measuring 12.7cm long. I cut them out one by one on the coloured foams, created and printed a list of compound words which I wanted.

I cut out the words into halves and sticked the first halves onto the front part of the crocs as shown below.

and stick the other half of the word on the other half of the croc.

We played a silly little game whereby the crocs escaped from the zoo but their tails were missing. Xav's mission was to help the crocs locate their missing tails with the correct word to form the compound word.
To make sure he don't just read the words without understanding what it means, as he went along, I asked him for the meaning of each individual word and the meaning of the new word formed.

We had our silly little laughs for that evening as we did the activity.

The completed crocs
I have also bought a set of popcorn compound words from OTC few months back to kickstart him on compound words. He had pretty much fun as he learnt through playing with them. Here's so much about it.

As I have recently set up a Facebook page for Xav's blog. Here's a mini giveaway as we have hit the first 50 LIKES for a start. If you would wish to win this set of 26 cute foam crocodiles for your little one to DIY your own homelearning kit, follow the steps below.

All you need to do is to :

1. LIKE 'Xavvy-licious" Facebook page.
2. Leave a comment on this post with your name, email, the preferred set (Crocs or Fish) as well as your reply on "What will you make with this set of foam crocs/ fishes to teach your little one"

Here are some ideas, I have previously made a set of fishing game with foams as well.

(*Note - The foam fishes do not comes with brads )

Giveaway ends on 31st May 2013, Friday. Good Luck !

Thank you all for participating in the mini giveaway ! Xav has drawn a winner - Theresa Koh ! I will be contacting you shortly !

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Shirley said...

Thanks for giving away! So much efforts to cut.

Name : Shirley Yong
Email :
Preferred Set : Fish

Answer : To complement & expand into my ocean theme right now :)

Loochin said...

Name: Loo Chin
Preferred set : Crocs

To teach my little one on the numbering n coloring matching

Irene Tan said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! What a wonderful idea to teach English through such innovative games.

Name: Irene Tan
Preferred set: Fish

To teach children spelling by naming the fishes from A-Z, just nice 26 alphabets (:

Shazy said...

love e crocs!!

Name: Shazy Jerae Leow
Preferred set: Crocs

Will use it to teach my boy about colours, sorting, patterning, matching n then matching of numerals with number of objects! endless activities! :)

Theresa Koh said...

Love the crocs , it's so cute !!!

Name : Theresa koh
Email :
Preferred set : crocs

Will be teaching my elder daughter on alphabets , wording blending, n phonics
And the other side for numbers , colors n sequencing

xavvy said...

Hi ladies, thank you for taking part in the giveaway and all of you are sure creative in your own ways of utilising the set ! Good luck and may you win a set !

Shirley, good to hear that it can complement into yout ocean theme.

Loo Chin, am sure your little one's gonna have fun numbering the crocs. =)

Irene, nice idea to start teaching on alphabet sequencing ! But do note that should you win the fish set. It's just pure plain foam fishes. It's up to your own creativity to make something out of the kit.

Shazy, you are gonna make full use of the set ! Thumbs up !

Theresa, thanks for your kind words. =) Phonics ! Something which did not come across my mind ! Thumbs up !!

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