Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Art Attack @ Heart Studio

Had a short therapeutic saturday afternoon spent at Heart Studio, attending the Adult Canvas Art Class. Heart Studio had kindly sponsored the class as part of Singapore Mom Bloggers' 1st anniversary celebration.

This was my ever first art class and had enjoyed it together with nine other mom bloggers. The lesson was on recreating the French Painter, Hughes Claude Pissarro's Masterpiece - Camille Pissaro Sails.

Using oil pastels as the medium and technique of quick, short strokes to blend the colours on the canvas. My objective was to recreate this painting below.

To recreate this piece
Our teachers for the day were the two friendly teachers.

Teacher Elma (left), Teacher Gaz (Right)

Teacher Gaz
Firstly, we were told to draw the outline of the horizon, distinguishing the sky and the land, as well as the outline of the subject (In this case, it's the sails). Pale colours like beigh or yellow to be used for the outline. For a start, I sat frozen as I didn't know how to get started. Thankfully for the guidance from the teachers.

Subsequently, filled in the background with the quick, short strokes technique. And yes, through out, nothing can be as stressful as "you have another 30 mins to go" ! *Laughs* I was caught off guard on the time that slipped away unknowingly as I was "Tok Tok-ing" away.

Back ground of the sky and the sea
I did not follow exactly the original version. I find that trees were much easier to blend than houses and buildings. Hence, I drew a mixture of trees and houses. We were also taught to use white pastel to blend the colours to lighten it and as well as using our fingers to blend to achieve another effect.

Thank you Teacher Elma for rendering her picture taking "service" while I was busy filling up the subjects on land.

Busy shading trees and hosues

Last was to colour in the sails, this time, no technique was needed but we need to give the sails some colour shades and used a black pastel to outline the subjects. I felt mine was way too rigid (Seems like Xav can do better than me ? =p)

After 1.5 hours and with the tips from the teachers, this is my Oil pastel painting on canvas. More room for improvement !

Dear was quite encouraging when he asked me how was my lesson, he remarked "wow not bad for a start !" and yes Xav gave me his compliments too "Mummy, your painting is nice !" =)

Here's the group of happy mummies with our masterpiece. Thank you Rachel for organising the session and nice meeting the rest of the mummy bloggers; 

On the bench ( From left) : Delphine, Me, Jolin, Waiwai, AngelineMadeline 
On the floor ( From left) : Angeline, Ling Siew, Cherie, Jennifer & Rachel

Photo Credits to Rachel
For your information, Heart Studio conducts adult canvas classes to teach basic art sketching to canvas art. All it takes is 2 people to start a class ! Get a friend and go together !

The school also offers art classes for children 3 - 12 years old. Do check out their website for more information on the classes and holiday programmes.
Heart Studio LLP
101 Soo Chow Walk
Singapore 575385

Tel: (65) 65547563
Fax: (65) 65547562
Facebook Page for Heart Studio

I attended the session which was kindly sponsored by Heart Studio as part of SMB 1st Anniversary Celebration. All opinions are of my own.


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