Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When I grow up, I want to be a ......

What do you dream to be of when you grow up and did your dream come true ? Here are some dream ambition when I daydreamed but I managed to have one of my dreams come true !

When I was a little girl, I always imagined and liked myself to be a Service crew at Macdonald's. Through role playing, we always cut out strips of papers, imagining them to be french fries and packing the fries into the paper packs that we made. Yes, my sis and I would sometimes "fight" to be the service crew !

As I grew older, I hope I can go into the entertainment industry, becoming a Singer ! The glamourous moments on stage, lights and camera! You get to perform on the stage of your own and receive applause from your supporters. Yes, I love to sing and going to Kbox and Party World after classes just to sing becomes a bi weekly routine for me. Yes, even till now I still loved going for K sessions !

I tried to take a step further towards my dream. I plucked up my courage and signed up for Project Superstar. First audition was right in the open space outside Suntec City, under the support of one of my good friends, who rooted for me. It was a totally different experience to sing in public as compared to the confined space in the hall of the karaoke joint I went. But feeling was great ! Subsequently, I went for the second audition at Mediacorps. Somehow, I did not managed to pass through the audition and that's when I "woke" myself up from my dream and took it as an experience which I went through. Till now, I still enjoyed singing ! Any karaoke lovers out there, feel free to ask me for k sessions alright !

After the singer dream ... The next ambition I dreamt of becoming -  A Police Officer ! I think I freaked my mum out with my decision, by signing up as a Police Officer with Ministry of Home Affairs. Always felt that the Men in blue are so cool ! Running after and arresting crooks, doing pursue in the police car and helping the community. I went through a 6 months training and my dream came true. This was my first career and was posted to the Division and NPC (Neighbourhood Police Centre) of my preferred choice. Wearing the smart uniform, carrying the revolver, bullets, handcuff, T-baton and walkie talkie, around my skinny waist, driving the patrol car, doing occasional pursue and roadblocks, conducting checks and raids in pubs etc. Sounds exciting heh ! Yes, this was the what I wanted, always on the move, minus off the counter duties which we will be rostered for of course.

So much so for the bright side, I was in the service for 4 years with an excellent team. What made me decide to leave was to put a stop to the fear that I have been battling with whenever I attended coroner cases. I just couldn't get the images of the deceased off my mind when I am not occupied. I struggled hard mentally when I had to perform my duties to search for Identification documents on the deceased and to preserve the scene till the Investigation Officers took over. Plus the shift system,. working for 12-14 hours through the night and sometimes, conducting ops after a tiring 12 hours morning shift, till the wee hours of the morning like 4am. It had completely turned my biologiocal clock upside down.

A lost dog in safe custody awaiting for its anxious owner
I left and carry on with some part time and that was in 2007 when I decided to settle down and took on a job that I did not even think of ! A Stay-At-Home-Mum !!! A role which i did not dream of becoming and of course to "survive" in it for three years before I return to work force again ! It's indeed a blessing to be able to stay with Xav for his first three years, as I witnessed his first step for his growing milestones. Count my blessings to have a really supportive hubby as well who rendered his support and help to me whenever I need it within his means.

 By the time Xav started his playgroup in the church, I thought that it might be good if I can return to the workforce and keep myself connected.

This was where I landed up in the Allied Health Profession in IMH, taking on the role as a Job placement Officer. A truely meaningful job as we helped clients who have mental health conditions in their job search, placed them on the job and monitor their performance by doing job site visits, rendering support to them whenever they need it to help them sustain in their jobs, slowly integrating them back to the society and of course we do networking with employers as well who were opened enough to give them an apportunity and employ them. The greatest sense of achievement was when you got to know they have been coping well and is on the job for more than 3 months. Just a word of thanks from them to us for helping them secure a job made us felt that our hard work is worth while !

My next dream is ...... make a guess ? Hope to make it happen to be a SAHM again and run my craft workshops at home ! Xav has changed my mindset and has proven to me that being a SAHM is a rewarding "career" more than anything !

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