Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Napkin Decoupage

This was how I spent a fruitful Monday - Spent 6 hours of hard work, transforming a plain white plastic woven handbag into one beautiful handbag with vibrant hues of blue coral prints @ My Art Piece (M.A.P)

This was done with great pride and yielded great satisfaction ! I love it ! I regretted not getting more of this design. I fell in love with the colours.

Napkin Decoupage allows you to transform old and worn looking objects which are still in good condition for usage, giving them a sparkling new look. You can decoupaged quite a variety of objects ranging from bags, tissue box, ratten basket, handphone casing, wallets etc ! Not only it has recycling purposes, it is one of a kind too ! Nobody will carry the same bag as you as it's all customised and designed by your ownself.

During my last BKK Trip, I was so happy to find stalls that sell these beautiful napkins. These are the few in my collection which I like most.

Yesterday, I learnt the wrap around technique, tucking in method as well as tearing the napkins to make a natural finish of a nice blend of patterns and colours.

This was how the edge of the napkins are being torn.

I met two wonderful ladies during my class. Here's our end product. Each individual piece is unique and we love each other's bags !

Behind our success is of course with the guidance of these two instructor Debbie and Doris. Thank you for guiding us ever so patiently !!

My next to do list is to decoupage a wallet and a diaper bag !

Located conveniently in the town, classes are conducted at 37A Boat Quay, Vision Art Studio.

 A must try to recommend, Annie's Chicken Sherpard's Pie ! I wiped out my plate clean !

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