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How Xav got his name ...

The story of how Xavier was named. This was how we chose for him.

For chinese names, we have decided to leave it to the geomancer with his birthdate as well as his time of birth, so that the appropriate strokes can be advised and given to Xav. We felt that the strokes of the chinese characters can actually actually make a difference to one's life if you believe in it and of course the name itself as this will be with a person for life. Thus, we were more particular on the chinese name.

Putting this aside, along the way, we do have a fair share in our nonsensical naming. Jokingly, suggesting that baby's chinese name shall be named " Cai 4 Tou 2 Guo 3" (aka Carrot cake), Cai 4 Tou 2 (aka someone who always kenna ke-tok) and had a good laugh out of it.

Back to the subject, our rules when comes to naming him :

1. Must sound pleasant and easy to pronounce.
2. Initials must be in a way that no one can actually have the chance to make fun of it. It can be quite terrible and hurting when one's name or initials and name are being taken as a joke.
3. And of course hopefully baby will live up to what we have named him.

As for English name, horoscope was the first to come to our mind, I managed to find a book on naming babies based on horoscope and happened to spot "Xavier", pronouced as ZAY-vee-er.

The name Xavier is of French origin, meaning "Bright; Splendid".

We were thinking it sounds pretty pleasant and to stronger support my decision, so far all the Xavier whom I knew, have really bright personalities and are all pretty good looking ! And yes all of them are either scholars or senior officers !  (Secretly hoping one day Xav will be one = P)  We did not look much at other names as we seemed to be drawn to what we saw and decided yes, he shall be named Xavier !
Now, we gonna start thinking of names again for our #2. I tried in vain to get the book from the library on naming base on horoscope. I searched through online and read up that for Leo babies, names can start with Ma, Me, Mo, Ta, Te, To.

This time round, we would prefer the english name to be of one syllabus else two syllabus would be fine !

Just read on the following traits of a leo baby.

Leo children :

1. Are sunny, have friendly personalities and love to be the centre of attention.
2. Love parties and seem to have endless energy. Young Leo will be more often on the move than still and will love playing games and joining in physical activities.
3. Willl be adventurous and can sometimes be reckless.
4. Leo baby will like to be waited on and Leo children dislike doing menial tasks. Leo girls may go through a tom-boy phase as they are happiest when doing something physical.
5. Need freedom in which to grow and experiment. Emotionally they can be turbulent and dramatic. A Leo child is trusting and needs plenty of love. Lies can be hurtful, even if they are flattering ones.
6. May become boastful and parents will need to watch for this from an early age. Young Leos should be encouraged to help around the home from an early age to ensure that they do not grow into little tyrants.
7. Have a friendly nature that will endear them to everyone. Their warm-heartedness and generosity mean that you will need to teach your child how to handle money carefully.
8. The typical Leo child is healthy but prone to high fevers and accidents. A Leo will enjoy being fussed over in bed but this will soon wear off and she will be up again and on the go very quickly.

Article Source:

With an Aries and a Leo at home ! Yes, I'm sure we are in for a roaring wild time !! Roooarrr !

We are in the midst of thinking of a name. We welcome all inputs in giving us inspiration to name our coming second bundle of joy !

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Madeline Heng said...

Xavier always remind me of Xmen! Haha. Not thinking of another X name?

xavvy said...

Madeline, trying to.. But X for gals quite limited right ? Xayna maybe hahaha ?

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