Tuesday, April 30, 2013

His 1st Grading @ APSS

At the early quarter of 2013, we finally managed to secure a place with APSS after going through a trial assessment to see how ready he was to join the class.

Am glad and relieved that we have decided to start him on swimming with the main intention of improving the condition of his mild asthmatic condition as well as to let him get started with water confidence and learn about water safety.

I have observed that two months later after he has started this class on a regular basis. His immune kind of seems to have shown improvement. His condition used to escalate into a wheezing cough whenever he has a runny nose/ blocked nose. The post natal drip will backflow to his throat and his coughing episode will start. But this period, normally his blocked or wet nose will normally stop after 3 days, without worsening.

Swimming can increase lung volume, improve asthmatic's general fitness and help develop good breathing techniques. Xav's respiratory speacialist did advised to go for swimming sessions at least twice a week, to greatly benefit him. Apart from the few factors, swimming can actually help to boost one's self confidence too !

On 21/04/2013, Xav had his first grading and earned himself his first badge ! How proud he was !

I can do it !
The proud little one !
He earned his badge !
His grading slip
He can now glide under water for at least 5-7 seconds without the kickboard ! Proudly as he told his daddy " I'm going to Station 2" !

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