Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stir fry cabbage with black fungus

During these three months when I'm almost a vegetarian and was getting sick of my helper's cooking. I thought of stir frying shredded cabbage with black fungus and fried gluten. This simple dish does not take up much time to prepare either and minimal seasoning as the gravy from the can of fried gluten is tasty enough. This was pretty well received by all who ate it.

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Ingredients needed :
1. Shredded cabbage
2. Black fungus
3. One can of fried gluten
4. Some water
5. Dried shrimps pounded.

Method :

1. Soak, drain off the water and pound the dried shrimps.
2. Stir fry the Cut the cabbage into shreds.
2. Soak the black fugus before hand and cut into bite size.
3. Stir fry the dried shrimps till fragrant and dish up.
4. Fry the cabbage, follow by the black fungus.
5. Add in the can of fried gluten with the gravy and mix well.
6. Pour some water in, cover the wok with lid and simmer for 5-10 mins.
7. Dish up and serve with dried shrimps as toppings.

Friday, February 8, 2013

A bun in the oven

I'm finally getting back some energy to blog ! This period, I made good friends with Mr Toilet bowl and my bed, for I was either throwing up 24/7 or needed bed rest. Thank you to my dear friends who visited me at the hospital as well as at home. For friends who gave me calls and sms to see if am alright and coping fine, your thoughts and gestures are really appreciated. Thank you again.

The piece of good news came as the best Christmas gift for 2012, to end the year with and also marked a new journey for 2013.

Was tested positive sometime on 20th Dec 2012 which was about Week 5 then. Morning sickness came in real bad when I reached Week 6-7 and yes. Same as when I had Xav. I threw up until I got dehydrated and eventually hospitalised for 3D2N and was put on cocktail drip. This carried on even after I was discharged.

This journey was indeed much more tiring and difficult compared to the first. I could not even think of food, not to mention the sight and the smell. Literally, I became a herbivore. I can only stomached fruits and vegetables. But not all fruits. I could not take anything RED ! Apples, strawberries and water melon were totally out ! I dread to go out for meals for I can't stand the smell which could easily just triggered my nausea and sent me running to the washroom. Hence, for this 1.5 months, I totally cannot plan any meals for Xav and hubby.

Both of them were very happy. Especially Xav, he had became much more thoughful. He knew that I was unwell from the throwing up. He did not pester me to play with him. Instead, on some occasions, when I wanted to grab a stool to sit down, he would tell me "mummy, leave that to me. I will help you to carry the stool", placed the stool in position and held my hand to sit down. Other occasions, he saw that I'm weak to walk out. He would patiently hold onto my hand and walk along with me. When I had excessive burps or having signs of wanting to threw up. He will pat on my back and the funny part, he will tell my tummy "Baby, don't make mummy throw up ok ?"

There was one afternoon, he was playing with his junior engineer set. He made me a flower and gave it to me, telling me "mummy, hope this flower will make you feel better". Tell me about it, my heart melted at that instance when my 4 year old came to me with that. I was just so emotional that, tears just filled my eyes. Seems like my boy has grown !

Trips to the gynea always excite him. First visit, he excitedly asked the gynea when he saw the sac on the screen during the scan "Doctor, is it an embryo now ?" The following second visit, he saw the sac grew and started to ask again "Doctor, has the embryo turned into a foetus already?" His two questions kind of surprised the gynea, given the terms he used. A doctor wanna be perhaps hahaa !

I bed rested from December to the start of February. Either taking medical leave, annual leave or hospitalization leave. Thankful that I have understanding bosses. Sleepless nights left me zombified the next morning. How horrible the hormonal changes are. I will be awake from 2-5 am before I can fall back to sleep again.

It was only on one occasion that I managed to gain some energy and did a session of cornflake cookies baking with Xav. See the smile on his face, he certainly was so happy that I can spend some time with him.

Tomorrow, Chinese New Year Eve, I hope I will be in my Week 12 and hopefully, the aweful morning sickness will be gone, be able to sleep better at night and have better appetite ! Hereby, wishing all a prosperous New Year !

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