Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Look Mummy, 2 wheels !

My buddy here has been gliding happily on his Kettler balacing bike for a period. We took the opportunity to get him try riding on two wheels since daddy is not working for two weeks.

He took up part of a morning to learn the riding with two wheel and guess what when I asked daddy how did he fare, is he coping well ? Yes is the answer, but he carried on further "Behind the success of riding the wheeler was cries and scoldings". Reason being, our buddy here is too lazy to ride !! But anyway, the scoldings and rewards spurred our lil' buddy on and YES, HE DID IT ! It's a new milestone for him @ 57 months !

I took him down to the pavement below our block to practise last sunday as daddy is not feeling well. Initially, he kept telling me "Mummy, I can't " or "Mummy, I need the power drink or else my legs are not powerful enough"

I was like ... don't try this with me because it doesn't work ! I told him to use his own way or whichever was taught to him by daddy and I walked off *laughs* and true enough, he used his own way, and he got himself riding and he was so happy that he could do it !

Guess what's his reward ? Two packs of trashies ! =P Here's a short video clip on his riding !

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