Monday, December 17, 2012

Heart melting moments

These simple little gestures from our 4 year old lil' buddy, actually moved me. He is picking up from us as he probably noticed how we took care of him with total loving care. I hope to document down all these so that, he can read it when he is older and yes, he has alrady started reading this blog.

Just last evening, I was scratching my back and Xav saw. He came to me and asked me :

Occasion 1 : Mummy, what happened ? Is your back itchy ? I scratched for you ok and he came over and start scratching for me.


Occasion 2 : Mummy, you have got a cold, you must wear this (came to me with a pair of bedroom slippers), so that you can keep your feet warm and recover faster !


Occasion 3 : One morning before I left for work, he saw that I had blisters at the back of my ankle. I told him that my shoe "bit" me, which resulted in the blistering. I thought he could have forgotten all about it. To my surprise when I return back home in the evening after work


Occasion 4 : One evening, I apologised to buddy for misunderstanding him in the morning. The poor boy got a real, good scolding from me for I didn't know the trash pack was opened by daddy and not him. This was our conversation.

Me : Xav, am so sorry for scolding you earlier in the day.

Xav: (Jumped onto me and gave me a hug )

Me : Xav, why did you hug me ?

Xav : because mummy is sorry..

Me : will you forgive me ?

Xav : yes yes, I forgive u ok ? (Pat on my back)

Never be afraid to say sorry to the little ones, you never know how big their little hearts can be ! Yes for this, Im grateful that he learnt to be forgiving.

Occcasion 5 : Recently, I went to remove a cyst and was stitched up again. I was then walking around with a big plaster under my chin. Xav saw the big plaster and knitted his eyebrow, followed by "Mummy, what happened ? And what came from him next was a kiss from him on my plaster and he told me "mummy, I give you my powerful kiss so that your wound will heal faster". Tell me about it, will this melt your heart ? Yes, this powerful gesture coming from this lil one certainly melts me.


Occasion 6 : This time, it's not the daddy and mummy. But it's a tiny wheeny tiny creature that he spotted while we were cycling in the park. He spotted some baby snails on the wet ground and he went "Stop ! Stop ! There is a snail", as we went past. Well, we reversed back and he stooped to the ground level and told me "mummy, I don't want the snail to be squashed by the bicycles (he meant the cyclist). I helped him to pick up the snail which was in the middle of the cycling path, and placed it by the side of the path. He told the snail "you are safe now" and said goodbye to the snail.

We are pretty proud of his kindness to this baby snail and be thankful that he showered us with his love and be hopeful that he will be as kind towards other people or animals that needed the love and care.

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