Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Orders - Personalised postcards and boxes

For the past two weeks, yes I have been busy with my angels and snowmen ! I completed this order for Angeline for her colleagues. Have made half of the cookie holders to personalized postcards so that she can pen her message behind the cards and stick it on top of her gifts for the receivers.

These are the mini holders.

To show you the hard work behind these beautiful crafts, especially to some of you out there who wonder why personalized gifts cost slightly higher after enquiring from me ? Hope this clears your doubts. Apart from being special as it is personalized, all parts of the assembled snowman/angel is pieced together piece by piece from scratch after cutting them out.

These are available in DIY sets if you want to make the cards yourselves. Will be launching the DIY sets as well for next year !

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