Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cheese Biscuits Bombs

When I first saw the pic posted on Groupon FB page. I told myself, I need to make this. It's simply irresistable especially if you are a cheese lover.

I managed to find the recipe from It took me quite some time to find the can of Pilsbury grands flaky layer biscuits. Silly me thought that it was a tin of biscuits which can be found on the biscuit shelves. I searched everywhere until one fine day, I went to Jason Supermart and again, was told by the staff that they dont carry this. I almost left the store when I decided to detour to the freezer section where the cheese and butter are. And I found what I wanted ! I was delighted of course ! Finally, a stop to my long search !

Pretty simple. One can can serves 8. To note that the can is pressured sealed. Hence, please be careful when u opened it. I got a fright though with the can suddenly "popped" opened.

I bought a block of mozerella cheese block. You can buy your favourite choice of cheese. Cut it into small cubes and wrapped about 2-3 cubes per dough.

After sealing them, glazed them with olive oil,

sprinkle the oregano or Italian herbs mixed with grated parmese cheese

and baked in the oven till firm and golden brown @ about 180 - 220 deg. Be sure to eat it piping hot if you want the extra ooze of cheese flowing out ! It does not taste like biscuits but taste like fluffy bread when it's hot !

I am thinking of trying to make the dough myself from scratch for the next round ! Happy baking !

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