Wednesday, November 21, 2012

When pail and bowl comes in !

A new craft that dear did with our dear little boy for his latest craze. You could guess it ! First time seeing daddy filled with drive to do this shield with him ! Boys will be boys and with their superheros !

He bought a red foam board from Daiso and this time, the pail and my big metal mixing bow came in as his tools!

He turned over the bowl and draw out a big circle, got it cut out and carried on with another circle drawn using my big metal mixing bowl.

The star took him the longest time to have it drawn and we got Xav to paint the blue area before we set it to dry and attached the handles behind the shield.

Here you are if you have a superhero (Captain America) fan ! A simple craft to try out !

Materials used :

1. Coloured foam board
2. White cardstocks
3. Blue Paint
4. Pail and bowl
5. Cutting mat and tools

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