Monday, November 19, 2012

Swim Trial @ APS Swim School

Splish Splash ! Oh well, finally we got this settled. Have called up APSS for a slot to bring Xav for a trial test to see if he is confidence and ready enough to take on this sport with the school.

Have been advised by his Respiratory Specialist that swimming would aid him in his frequent cough and sensitive airways. Swimming can help to strengthen the lungs and yes of course a feedback from one of my mummy friend whose son has similar condition as Xav, his condition was very much improved after the swimming sessions.

Xav needed to be assessed if he could take and apprehend simple instructions.

First he was asked to blow bubbles with his mouth.

Followed by blowing bubbles with his nose which he still doesn't now how to. Time to practise with him at home ! And yes, he managed to tickle the instructor and made him burst out laughing !

He was also asked to jump into the pool. I guessed this was the part whereby his confidence level is being tested.

He was also asked to float on his back without him holding onto the instructor but vice versa. He did these without any phobia ! Well done !

Next, he was asked to run in the pool to reach the other side of it before getting on to the floating mat and got assessed on his kicking patterns and of course, the instructor said that his kicking pattern is observed to be pretty good.

And there he goes !

Overall went well and yes ! He can join the school and we await to receive the call from the school to inform us on the commencement date. We are looking forward and Xav too !

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