Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SCHOOL "OUT" - Playcation @ Sentosa !

What's up for this holiday season ? I broke up my 2 days of childcare leave in halves and distributed among four days, taking leave in the second half of the day for certain days.

After my review, I brought him down to Sentosa, Palawan Beach where the Port of Lost Wonder is. We went twicw before but I have yet to post it up. Lots of over due posts still pending ......

Anyway, welcome to Palawan Beach !

There are life size playmobile characters that you can have an awesome experience with the role playing and picture taking ! We had fun going around to take pictures.

You can also pretend to be a knight, climbing up the "castle" to protect the fort ! There he goes, trying to make his way up !

Afterwich, we proceeded to spend some time @ Little Hands and Minds section, for some craft session using simple materials to kill some time.

Making a photo frame
Then, we proceeded to the Playmobile Play pit whereby there are free interactive Playmobile sets for the kids' imagination to go wild !

School Theme
Pirate ship theme
 Xav joined the the big korkors for some pretend play as well with the toys provided.

We went on the the beach after the session to have some sandplay. Here's my beach hunk !

He is more adventurous then before, don't even bother if the bridge is shaky and he just ran forward. Why adventurous, you will know when I write up on his Rock Climbing experience.

We spent about an hour at the beach, rolling himself silly on the sand before we wash up and hopped onto the beach tram for a trip back to the Beach Station.

How nice if I could many more of such occasion to spend more time with my precious ! We had a fun noon by ourselves and yes only the two of us ! We'll be back again !

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