Monday, November 12, 2012

My Footsteps !

My Footsteps ! A project requested by dear to make a showcase of Xav's shoes as each pair, marked a special milestone from the day he took his first baby steps, towards independance all the way till his Growing up 4.

Perhaps, he is just like his mummy, this is part of his shoes collection. He has alot more which can be showcase. However, due to space constraint, we couldn't keep the rest. Hence, the decision to keep these few of his favourite pairs.

Here's our showcase. Bought the shadow box frame from Ikea. I washi-fied the background and search through the hard disk for some of Xav's pics, in his favourite pairs.

Going anti-closckwise from the top right, this pair was with him for his first overseas trip to Hong Kong in 2009.

In his first years
Second pair (Shooshoos) is one of my favourite *laughs* to the extend, I didnt really want to let him wear too often for I dont want to dirty it. =P Another factor was the sole was not waterproof. Thus, it seems a bit tricky to wear on a wet day.

Follow by the third pair (Snoopy), brought him on board Super Star Virgo for a sail out to the sea ! First offical pair of shoes after he is more stable on his little footsteps.

The bottom left is a classic ! Most kids got to wear it I guess ! Each step is accompanied by a squeaking sound ! This pair actually helped us in locating his wherabouts more easily ! Just follow the sound of his steps and you'll find him.

One-derful him !
The red pair of crocs was also fully worn to the max ! Literally, he wore it everywhere especially to the beach and walks in the garden.

The green pair (New Balance), he termed it as his super shoes, for they are light and best for running. this pair was worn the most compared to the rest. It went through all the runs that Xav went for (Standard Chartered Kids Dash 2011, Cold Storage Kids Run etc)

In his Terrific 3s !

Materials used for this project :
1. One big Ikea shadow box frame
2. Some pics
3. Washi tapes (For the background)
4. Some animal theme pattern papers
5. Super Glue

Hope this post can inspire you to make something out of your lil' one's outgrown collection if you have been keeping them in the storeroom !

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