Thursday, November 15, 2012

Foodie Friday - Kueh Ko Sui

What's for a thursday dessert and a friday morning brekkie for my colleagues ? My virgin attempt in making kuehs.

Kueh Ko Sui, a nyonya dessert, taught by one of my colleagues. Each time, she brought over to my office, I seem to be hooked. She has kindly shared her recipe and yes, time to show my appreciation by making some for her.

Ingredients as follows:
1. 100g - Plain Flour
2. 150g - Tapioca Starch/ flour
3. 350g - Gula Melaka
4. 800/900ml - Water ( Note : I used 850ml of water but the batter was a little too watery. I added another 10g of each of both flour)
5. 100g - White Sugar
6. 1/2 kg - White grated coconut
7. 1 1/2 Tsp of salt
8. Some pandan leaves

* Updated tips : Was told that it's ok for the batter to be watery. Hence, no flour is needed to add. The 20g makes a slight difference to the texture (more firm)
Method :
1. Mix No. 7 & 8 together and steam for 10 mins. (I added pandan leave to make it more fragrant)
2. Mix No. 1 & 2.
3. Bring No. 4 to boil.
4. Chopped No. 3 into smaller pieces and add into No.4. Add No.5. and dissolve them into the liquid. Seieve out the particles after that.
5. Pour mixture of No. 1 & 2 into the liquid and make sure all are dissolve to form a batter.
6. Pour mixture into a plate and steam till cook.
7. Cut the kueh while it's still hot as I realised, it is very sticky when it has cooled, which made it harder to wash.
8. Roll them into the grated coconut and serve. It tastes better when the kueh is chilled.

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DinoMama said...

nice! alot of hard work, no wonder they are sold at a price in the bakery.

Do you have oneh-oneh recipe to share too?

xavvy said...

DinoMama, my apologies ! I couldn't read any of my comments on my post until I go into the settings !! So sorry for the late reply.

This is quite easy actually. I'll link up if I managed to get a nice oneh-oneh recipe. I'm also a fan of that !

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