Friday, November 30, 2012

LEGO DUPLO Kids Event - Small bricks, Big Imagination !

This event made me recalled the first time I joined a Lego contest when I was 10 and yes, I got the 3rd prize in the catogory for my age. Was pretty surprised then as it was my very first time playing with the colourful bricks !

LEGO DUPLO, its the range of LEGO specially designed for children aged 1– 5. Xav loves it as he has owned a few sets! He started with his first set of Lego Duplo Number set, as a gift from a friend of mine, from then on

Over the last weekend, we attended the Lego Duplo Kids Event held at Hokey Pokey Indoor Playground located at Suntec City Mall, Level 3. Thank you Nuffnang !

The fun started with posing for a pic at the Lego Duplo backdrop ! Put on the hippiest shades or the fire fighter hat !

Fire Fighter wanna-be
Before the event started, he had fun exploring the gym ! Sliding into the ball pit is one of his favourites !

I love the pit !
Totally having a ball of their time !
Chugga chugga choo choo ! He is smittened with the trains and tracks !

It's not only a boys' thing ! Girls love them too !
Cheeky him from the playhouse
The event started with two round of challenges to allow the children to put their imagination and creativity to the fullest !

First, they are asked to build their Dream Home and followed by their favourite animal, with 20 mins given for each round.

Colourful bricks
He's pretty focus in his role of being an architect, building up his dream home, which comes with an open parking lot to park his car.

He said that it is a Ship House !

His Ship House
Amzaing Creation from the kids !
Short teabreak before the next round
This time round, no help from mummies. They have to build their favourite animal. He made a simple one and named it Snail Bee.
His favourite animal - Snail Bee
Snail Bee
The happy kids at the end of the event ! Am sure they have enjoyed themselves thoroughly !

Once again, thank you Nuffnang Singapore the invitation ! We had a great saturday afternoon with you ! Do note that all opinions are our own.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SCHOOL "OUT" - Playcation @ Sentosa !

What's up for this holiday season ? I broke up my 2 days of childcare leave in halves and distributed among four days, taking leave in the second half of the day for certain days.

After my review, I brought him down to Sentosa, Palawan Beach where the Port of Lost Wonder is. We went twicw before but I have yet to post it up. Lots of over due posts still pending ......

Anyway, welcome to Palawan Beach !

There are life size playmobile characters that you can have an awesome experience with the role playing and picture taking ! We had fun going around to take pictures.

You can also pretend to be a knight, climbing up the "castle" to protect the fort ! There he goes, trying to make his way up !

Afterwich, we proceeded to spend some time @ Little Hands and Minds section, for some craft session using simple materials to kill some time.

Making a photo frame
Then, we proceeded to the Playmobile Play pit whereby there are free interactive Playmobile sets for the kids' imagination to go wild !

School Theme
Pirate ship theme
 Xav joined the the big korkors for some pretend play as well with the toys provided.

We went on the the beach after the session to have some sandplay. Here's my beach hunk !

He is more adventurous then before, don't even bother if the bridge is shaky and he just ran forward. Why adventurous, you will know when I write up on his Rock Climbing experience.

We spent about an hour at the beach, rolling himself silly on the sand before we wash up and hopped onto the beach tram for a trip back to the Beach Station.

How nice if I could many more of such occasion to spend more time with my precious ! We had a fun noon by ourselves and yes only the two of us ! We'll be back again !

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Goodie pack !

Here's another Chrismassy, customized goodie packs for my colleagues and the children for the year end Christmas parties.

The snowman and angels were all pieced up from every single piece that was being cut out. Layered onto a scallop circle background, before I sticked them onto the mini envelope cut out using sizzix die.

Thought that a personalized pack would be special. Hence, I cut out the individual letters and sticked them one by one and here it is when done ! From the far end,it's the snowman !

Follow by the angel (Girl)

Then, another angel (Boy)

So whats in the pack ? Each pack will hold 3 -4 pieces of Speculoos. These small biscuits have a touch of cinnamon and it's best to go along with coffee or savour them the way they are. They really taste good !

I be doing up an order of 40 units for Christmas pack this month. Do email me at for any enquiries. Order subjected to availability and two weeks in advance before the collection date.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Love Gifts >> Altered stationery holders

Need some ideas for this coming Christmas ? Something speacial and personalized to the close ones around you at work ? I got this idea from one of my crafter friend, here you are as I present my "Altered stationery holder". Quite a simple project to follow along !

Will be linking up this post with Sarah's blog The playful Parents as she will kick start Love Gift Series on 26th November 2012 as she will be featuring a string of blogpost by various blogging mummies.

To get your engine started, these are the materials needed :
1. Some ribbons
2. Washi Tapes ( Patterned Masking Tapes)
3. Glitter foam (To cut out the names of the receiver, do drop me a mail if you are interested in getting the foam fonts. Several fonts available)
4. Patterned cardstocks
5. Die cuts of your desired design (I chose to piece up a reindeer)
6. A bottle of craft glue
7. A plain wooden box that can serve as a holder (Alternatively, you can look for plain wooden giant pegs)
8. Some 3D foam dots if you prefer your embellisment to look more 3D. (Optional)

Step 1 : On the underside of the cardstock, draw and cut out the outline of the holder. I drew the outline of the three sides so that I can "wrap" the three sides without much fuss.

Step 2 : Apply glue along the borders of the holder and stick on the cutout cardstock.

Below shows the complete holder after being "wrapped" up.

I used a yellow washi tape and taped around the holder at the border. Cut out a small part of another roll of washi with the "Christmas" wording and sticked on my reindeer embellishment with 3D foam dots

There you are ! A very personalized altered stationery holder ! I made four holders for the ladies in my team for this coming Christmas.

Design #1 - Christmas Moose

Design #2 - Merry Chris Moose with Washi Background. I simply just tape washi of different designs to form the background. Sounds easy ?

Design #3 - Angel with a scallop backing

Design #4 - Chris Moose

This is part 1 of the Handmade Christmas gifts. Part 2 coming up next on how to make a simple photoframe with just a piece of A4 cardstock and some embellishment ! Stay tuned !

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

When pail and bowl comes in !

A new craft that dear did with our dear little boy for his latest craze. You could guess it ! First time seeing daddy filled with drive to do this shield with him ! Boys will be boys and with their superheros !

He bought a red foam board from Daiso and this time, the pail and my big metal mixing bow came in as his tools!

He turned over the bowl and draw out a big circle, got it cut out and carried on with another circle drawn using my big metal mixing bowl.

The star took him the longest time to have it drawn and we got Xav to paint the blue area before we set it to dry and attached the handles behind the shield.

Here you are if you have a superhero (Captain America) fan ! A simple craft to try out !

Materials used :

1. Coloured foam board
2. White cardstocks
3. Blue Paint
4. Pail and bowl
5. Cutting mat and tools

Botanical Flourish !

Baking lovers out there ! Get your hands on this new design up !

If you have seen the crown design @ Top it with L.O.V.E .

This new elegant Botanical design is open for orders. Pack of 12 pieces at $5.50.

Open for orders now. At least one week in advanced for this. Colours subjeced to availability. Email me at or leave a comment here !

Note : Pattern paper is also subjected to availability and it's of a different pricing.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Swim Trial @ APS School

Splish Splash ! Oh well, finally we got this settled. Have called up APSS for a slot to bring Xav for a trial test to see if he is confidence and ready enough to take on this sport with the school.

Have been advised by his Respiratory Specialist that swimming would aid him in his frequent cough and sensitive airways. Swimming can help to strengthen the lungs and yes of course a feedback from one of my mummy friend whose son has similar condition as Xav, his condition was very much improved after the swimming sessions.

Xav needed to be assessed if he could take and apprehend simple instructions.

First he was asked to blow bubbles with his mouth.

Followed by blowing bubbles with his nose which he still doesn't now how to. Time to practise with him at home ! And yes, he managed to tickle the instructor and made him burst out laughing !
He was also asked to jump into the pool. I guessed this was the part whereby his confidence level is being tested.

He was also asked to float on his back without him holding onto the instructor but vice versa. He did these without any phobia ! Well done !

Next, he was asked to run in the pool to reach the other side of it before getting on to the floating mat and got assessed on his kicking patternsand of course, the instructor said that his kicking pattern is observed to be pretty good.
And there he goes !
Overall went well and yes ! He can join the school and we await to receive the call from the school to inform us on the commencement date. We are looking forward and Xav too !
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