Friday, October 12, 2012

Sentosa Island

Yes ! Get Xav to name you which beaches he has hit at Sentosa Island. He will tell you "I have been to Siloso where the wave house is located and some of the other beach restaurants around and Tanjong Beach but not Palawan Beach ! We told him that will be our next beach to hit when we plan to go for another picnic.

Glad that he has overcome the fear of getting his feet dirty in the sand and best he loves waddling about in the sea !

Making daddy into "Muah Chee"

In one of his super good mood to pose and asked to have his pic taken.

Popped by his usual favourite shop "Candylicious"

The cheeky him pretending to bite the cupcake !

Get onto the sunny island on weekend for some beach fun, cycling or roller blading or any forms of activities that you can spend quality family time in!

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