Monday, October 29, 2012

My young botanist !

Motherhood has amazingly changed me to have a liking to start growing plants ! Especially those can be eaten like pepper mint and Blue Pea Flower which people used it to soak into water to get the blue colouring naturally.

Plants is one of the theme that his school is touching on. I thought it would be good to let him plant some of the seeds his own and let him observe the changes as well as explained to him the life cycle of a plant.

One of my friend, Angie, helped us to grab a set of Kang Kong Set from the vegetable farm they visited.

Filling up the tray with the soil.

After planting in the seeds when the tray is 3/4 full, cover the seeds with the remaining soil to fill the tray. Water the soil.

The kangkong seeds sprouted ! It takes about 5-8 days.

I taught him how to spot for yellow leaves and just snipped it off.

It's grooming time  !

Give them some water

Kailan sprouts during the inital phase

The re-potted kailan
I'm now in a midst of planting some Blue Pea Flowers Seed (Bunga Telang). Can't wait for it to bloom and use the flowers to make blue rice !!

I am planning an experiment next when the stalks are much bigger ! Stay tuned !

If you are interested to start planting and yet can't make out time to visit the farms, the Cold Storage has a large variety of seeds that you can buy back and start potting them !

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