Tuesday, October 30, 2012

<< 部首>> Matching cards

This post was posted 1.5 years ago, I was reminded to go through the posts on how to make learning Chinese fun when I received the spelling list for the next term and not only that, behind was the Chinese "Ting Xie" ! I knew I have to start planning something for him to learn how to write those words.

I am not an expert in teaching Chinese and am neither an educator, so do help me or share your tips with me if you have better ideas on how to learn "Ting Xie"

I believed that it's easier to learn how to write the character after you have learnt to write the various "部首". After all the characters  are just like "Compound words". You add a "部首" to another "旁边" to form a word. Am trying to come up with a little kit for Xav soon !

From 2012...
Another new set of learning set for Xav. Get to know the various "部首" through matching of the correct words to it. He's super happy to get this ! He knows most of them. This game is just to reinforce what he has learnt, which I believed it's from the DVD on "部首". Perhaps after this, time to get him started on the easy ones first.

I utilised the chart which I bought from Growing Up moving out sales @ Vivo previously. Just nice to hang this up !

Anyway, how to make this is superb easy. I got the chart from popular through the help of a friend. Simple just slice up everything and here, you made yourself the set !

Here he is trying to match the cards
You can try with other charts like the chinese strokes chart <<  笔画 >> Make one today !

Incase, you are wondering where I did I get my hanging card holder from, I got them at Growing Fun.

Do link up if you have any fun learning activities for learning Chinese.

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Anonymous said...

We're into matching and reading (simple) words too! But I just print and use blutak :) Where did you get those pocket hanging folders? So useful!

xavvy said...

Hi Finallymama,

the charts are from Growing Fun. Let me know if you need my membership to get discount if it can be applied to it. =)

Anonymous said...

Yes please! PM me on FB? 谢谢!

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